Over the last 20 years or so I have attended many births, about 150 in a variety of settings; operating theater, delivery suites, birth centers, and home births.

I think the most special of all are the birth center births and home births as this is where women usually behave in a more uninhibited way, because of the atmosphere and because they feel safe and can trust those around them, it’s phenomenal to be a part of these births, and I continue to be amazed at the breath-taking beauty and sense of miracle of new-life, which re-fuels my passion and is relayed in little stories in my courses.

You know, it is incredible how, even after all these years, whenever I go to a birth, particularly a drug free natural birth where the mother is ecstatically “high” afterwards I come away feeling exhilarated.

It takes me back to my own ecstatic births and I feel as I did holding my babies and feeling “full of love”.

It’s a rare experience to have and to be able to re-live it once in a while is wonderful and the perfect energy to be in touch with when teaching a pre-natal class.

My longevity as an educator, instead of burnout, I attribute to my passion for the beauty and wonder of natural birth and ability to be able to impart this in my sessions.

I have paid for advertising in magazines and newspapers only to discover that no-one ever responds to those ads, instead 99% of couples coming along to these courses are here because of their friends and family referring them or their midwife or doctor recommending it to them.

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