Post-Birth Baby Support

Julie Clarke offers a very special baby care support service, exclusively for couples who have attended both the Mindful Hypnobirth and the Transition into Parenthood courses. Baby Care Support Service provided in your own home or via Skype for convenience and ease…

“Julie brings a smile and her warm gentle calm approach whenever she visits…”

What is Julie's approach?

I provide suggestions, active listening, answers and creative practical ideas that blend easily with the existing family/routine structure and of course gently guiding the mum and dad through new skills while they are “having a go” rather than me “taking over”.

Often I will show how to do it and then stand by to help if required, it’s quite surprising actually just how much can be covered in one or two hours.
I prefer to carefully limit the session to just one or two hours so mum and bub don’t get tired.

Julie tends to follow the “Attachment parenting” approach. In my work I comply with the WHO (World Health Organization) Baby Friendly Initiative and Federal and State Dept of Health recommendations for feeding babies as well as current evidenced-based philosophy of avoiding rigid routines for mother and baby.

What can Julie help with?

For many new families, I have been helping with…

How frequently should we book?

Couples who have been through my courses are welcome to book me for just one hour at a time and we can see if we need to extend it or they can book 2 hours, or whatever they feel they need, I respond to their needs at the time.

One or two hours per week or per month or per quarter spread out over the first year is a wonderful help and support to the new mum spread out over the first year is a wonderful help and support to the new mum.

“Everyone learns and grows best when well supported through an experience of learning by doing it themselves without any judgement or criticism, just gentle positive guidance.”

What are the costs?

A summary of the baby care support service