Private Session With Julie

Completely tailored to your needs, for women, men or couples.

Do you need a supportive, respectful, private and uninterrupted chat with someone who cares and understands?

Julie’s private sessions are perfect for those who want to discuss:

More about these sessions

Sometimes it can feel like no one seems to care or understand the unique experiences that come with pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. 

These sessions are suitable for those who prefer to have a private session alone with Julie instead of a class group, those who may want to bring their partner or not, those who are preparing for getting pregnant, want to debrief after their birth experience, are preparing for a VBAC, preparing for twins, or any other unique experience.

The sessions are individually tailored to suit your needs. Usually scheduled for a weekday, a session might be 2 hours, a half day, or all day. You may only require one session, or you may want weekly sessions. Julie will gladly discuss options with you either via phone or email.

Want to know more about Julie's private sessions? Watch this quick video...

Do you need to discuss motherhood, preparing for a second baby, or any other topics?

Perhaps you are contemplating having another baby but are feeling apprehensive, or maybe you are already pregnant with the next baby and want to prepare.

Or maybe you’ve found you’re completely finished having your family but want to discuss your feelings with someone who understands and cares, and is prepared to listen and support you.

If you feel this fits your needs or is along the lines of what you would like then get in touch with your details and Julie will connect with you soon.