Aromatherapy Oils for Calm Pregnancy Labour Birth and Motherhood

They contain pure essential oils to ensure the highest quality scent and uplifting, calming, relaxing experience.

Our favourite way to use the oils during Pregnancy is through an electric diffuser, which delivers a smooth flow of beautiful fresh scent continuously, this is the ideal during a massage, or whilst enjoying a relaxing bath or a meditation session.

During your pregnancy you may attend the new Mindful Hypnobirth course which will show your partner how to massage you during your pregnancy while you practice your relaxation in preparation for birth.
Several techniques are shown using oil and Julie supplies the towels and all the instructions.

The partners (Dads-to-be) are guided through light touch massage, low back counter-pressure techniques and other helpful strategies such as acupressure to relieve pain and discomfort, to help stimulate a quicker labour if it is very slow.

The Transition into Parenthood course covers all the practical strategies of active birth, how to support a woman in labour, and gentle massage skills, all the birth comfort support ideas such as the right way to help a labouring woman with measures such as the shower, bath, hot packs and more.
How to prepare for birth to prevent tearing or episotomy (being cut).
Julie Clarke has attended over 150 births as a Doula and will explain how to work with the staff harmoniously in the hospital delivery suite or birth centre, or homebirth.

Julie explains you are not allowed to bring candles in to use in the hospital, just use them at home yourself instead, prior to coming into the hospital, naked flame around oxygen cylinders is not safe so an electric diffuser is best.

All hospitals encourage the use of aromatherapy oils and an electric diffuser during labour.

Looking for the perfect essential oil blends?

You’ll find the most gorgeous “Motherhood” blend at Secret Scent Aromatherapy.

Did you enjoy the smell of the variety of scents Julie displays in her studio class room lounge to the pregnant couples attending her courses?

To purchase any of the oils Julie and her groups all love go here.

Julie always brings the following oils to the births she attends as a Doula; here she lists some of her favourites to help you choose:
Ylang Ylang
Clary Sage

During your breastfeeding career in early motherhood it’s suggested to make a nest in your home where you can sit with feet elevated, glass of water by your side, fav breastfeeding book such as “The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding” by Le Leche League and set up your diffuser with your favourite “Motherhood Blend” of essential oils

Every visitor will want to know what you have put in the diffuser because it’s irresistibly divine; all women are drawn to it and just love it. It’s easily one of the most popular blends available here. 

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