Doula Support Service

Would you like to have Julie Clarke by your side as your birth doula?

Julie Clarke’s Labour Support Doula Information

I have been a Birth Doula for 30 years, and attended about 150 births…

…with compassion, tenderness, sensitivity, positivity and a rich repertoire of strategies to use as comfort measures, solutions to challenges and my very calming voice to sooth everyone.

Currently all my birth support Doula work is given exclusively to the couples who’ve come through The New Mindful Hypnobirth course as well as the Transition into Parenthood course, in this way I am confident they are well prepared, well informed and have a great understanding of how we achieve a positive, empowering birth.

By getting to know each other well during the sessions, we are able to communicate and work together extremely well.

My availability is provided for the couples who have attended both my courses, I value the fact that they have taken the time to take responsibility for their education, becoming informed and paid me the respect and courtesy to attend my courses. We have become familiar, developed a relationship and friendship based on mutual respect and trust.

I would be honoured and delighted to be there for you. Together we can work towards achieving the birth you would like.

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What I can do to help during your labour?

I can’t make any medical decisions on your behalf, but I can be your advocate and support you in your written birth plan preferences. I am not argumentative or obstructive towards medical staff, but will help you communicate and support your decisions.

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What does the Doula Support Service include?

You can be assured and confident my responses to all your requests will be focused on taking the safest, healthiest, easiest, evidence-based path.

This is an extensive, all-in-one package

I explain what your options are in a given situation and then support you in your decisions.

During the labour and birth experience I’ll follow your birth plan preferences, guide you with my gentle soothing voice and “Cocoon” you in an ideal atmosphere (you’ll learn about all of this in the courses).

I am by your side during the labour, birth of your baby, delivery of the placenta, the first breastfeed and bonding time. I will visit in hospital if desired and then follow up baby care support is also included.

I’m sure you’ll agree this is an extensive range of service I provide and is rarely available in Australia.

I am able to assist and support you personally through every aspect of your Transition into Parenthood, in a kindly, lovingly, motherly, and with insightfulness for a single fee of $2,500.