Are you pregnant? Would you love to be ready calm confident prepared peaceful informed organised for the arrival of your beautiful new little baby?

You can relax now that you've found the most comprehensive and best value birth and baby care preparation courses for pregnant couples, currently available in Sydney, Australia.

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Julie's Popular Courses for Pregnant Couples

Transition into Parenthood

The complete birth and baby care preparation course options

Mindful Hypnobirth

Creating calmness using breathing and relaxation skills for labour

Baby Care Practicalities

An intensive one day course for couples planning a c-section

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Transition into Parenthood

1-Day Course


Mindful Hypnobirth

1-Day Course

Smart Choice: choose a 2-day course package which includes 1 full day of both Transition into Parenthood and Mindful Hypnobirth

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Julie's Services

Post-Birth Baby Support

Available in-home or via Skype for parenting mentoring and guidance

Birth Doula Support Service

Would you like to have Julie Clarke by your side as your birth doula?

Doula Training Course

Birth and post-natal doula course, available in person or via distance

Happy Hello! I’m Julie Clarke

Birth Educator, Doula and "Baby Whisperer"

Would you like to feel safe, confident and comfortable during labour? Remove anxiety around the unknown, arm yourself and your partner with knowledge to support you throughout the whole process in the best way possible.

This antenatal course includes your partner in everything. Be highly informed through clear, concise and positive learnings to boost your confidence – leaving you feeling empowered.

I’m Julie, a qualified childbirth and parenting educator, workplace trainer and assessor, mum, and experienced doula of 30+ years. I’ve also worked in a large maternity hospital for 12 years.  

I teach you how you and your partner can enjoy this experience. I care about about the outcome you want to achieve, and I know how to help you gain the sort of birth experience you desire.

During the classes I teach you how to have a positive, calm, empowered birth to commence life as a family in the safest and healthiest way.

As a bonus, you’ll receive high quality workbooks for you and your partner to take home for future reference.


Emma Page
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“Julie is empathic, deeply knowledgeable and an excellent public speaker and teacher. She imparts wisdom with calm confidence and a good dose of humour. Highly recommend the hypnobirthing course for any parent-to-be to understand how to prepare for labour, including using a raft of simple tools to create a safe, grounding and loving birth experience.”
Melissa Homes
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“I’m so grateful that my husband & I did the Transition Into Parenthood course with Julie. We feel so much more confident & empowered with the information. We felt really comfortable as soon as we walked in the room and to meet other couples was great. For Julie to still be so passionate about what she teaches after 30 years is amazing. I would highly recommend this course for first time parents."
Tamara Jellema
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“I completed my birth and postnatal Doula training with Julie. It was fantastic to learn within an intimate group, allowing time to dive deep into areas as needed and ask as many questions as we wanted. Even better - I was able to bring my 3m old baby along for the training! Julie has a great evidence-based approach to her teaching combined with such a depth of experience. I would definitely recommend the Doula training to those interested.”

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