Baby Care For Planned C-Section Course

Offered as a 1-day (recommended) or half-day (condensed) course

Learn and laugh as we cover what, why, where, when and how of all the vital practicalities of looking after your beautiful new baby during all your “firsts of everything” in the early busy months.

You’ll learn about including partner in everything, how too enjoy this time together, exactly how to minimise stress and avoid overload to understand your baby, and develop an amazing connection with them.

The course is open to adoption families, gay families, families with surrogates, grandparents.

Who is the Baby Care Course designed for?

Pregnant couples who are…

What is Baby Care For Planned C-Sections?

Brilliantly created to assist all potential families with pure baby care and parenting info to become ready, prepared and organised with confidence, fun and excitement.

The Baby Care For Planned C-Sections Course is Section #2 of the Transition into Parenthood course. 
We go through all the steps you can expect from baby’s first breath, first days, early weeks/months and even skimming some info for the first years.
It is the ideal course for couples who want to be well prepared when they bring baby home by learning the important skills of looking after a baby, and begin their parenting journey with confidence.
This session is fast and fun, jam packed with ideas, tips, practical how to do skills most people have no clue about when they have a baby.
This course will fill in all the gaps in your knowledge, boost your confidence, guide you to gain all the potential positives together and be enabled to love growing together as a new family.

This course on pure baby care knowledge is also perfect for couples who may already have children and need a refresher on all the latest techniques, info, updates over the last couple of years. 
The course is open to adoption families, gay families, families with surrogates, grandparents.

What are the course options?

The Baby Care For Planned C-Section 1 day Course

Has been developed as a 1-day stand alone course to meet the needs of those having a c.section, not requiring any of the birth info details, instead needing to have full focus on caring for baby in the first hours, understanding what happens, all the changes, how to respond to babies; everything from breastfeeding, nappies, bathing, what items to have at the hospital, coming home, what to expect, what to do, where to get help, questions answered, the right advice and guidance and many potential problems deleted. 

 This convenient course covers “everything possible to cover” in just one day.

Professionally presented notes are supplied for each couple who attend, they’ve been completely updated and expanded during the covid winter as an awesome use of the isolation time.
The completed newly edited version is the incredibly helpful workbook you will receive at this course.

Beautifully created, filled with pics, tables, images, easy-to-read info, bound, easy to flip open and refer to in the future.

It is the most time efficient course available anywhere, covering baby care and parenting during the newborn period (the first twelve weeks).

Brilliantly designed for shift workers, pregnant couples coming from a distance (e.g. Newcastle, Wollongong, Nepean regions), or for those who are very busy.

This course is also terrific for couples who are wanting to refresh their knowledge, having already had a baby, and now needing to prepare for their second, or subsequent baby. Especially if there was a premature experience previously or if you’ve got a big time span between babies and have forgotten most and need to brush up on it all to feel you and your partner are ready for the new arrival. 

The Half-Day Course

We receive ongoing requests from busy pregnant couples who are needing a super condensed half-day version. 

The half day (afternoon session 1pm to 4.30pm) will remind you of cramming for exams, and you’ll be astounded how much information you will have gained. 

Both 1-day and half-day options cover the same content, however the 1-day course does allow for more in-depth learning, which is why it is our recommended option.

This course is part of the Transition into Parenthood course, so you will join the second day or the second half of a day of other parents who have just learnt pregnancy and birthing skills.

What are the course inclusions?

What are the benefits of the Baby Care For Planned C-Section Course?

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