Baby Care For Planned C-Section Course

Offered as a 1-day (recommended) or half-day (condensed) course

Learn the practicalities of how to actually look after a baby during the intense first weeks/months. You’ll learn to understand your baby, why they cry, what to do about it, and connecting with them.

Who is the Baby Care Course designed for?

Pregnant couples who are…

What is Baby Care For Planned C-Sections?

The Baby Care For Planned C-Sections Course is Section #2 of the Transition into Parenthood course. It is the perfect course for couples just wanting to learn the important skills of looking after a baby, and begin their parenting journey with confidence.

Also perfect for couples who may already have children and want a refresher.

What are the course options?

The Baby Care For Planned C-Section Course has been designed as a 1-day course, however we receive ongoing requests from busy pregnant couples who are needing a super condensed half-day version. Both 1-day and half-day options cover the same content, however the 1-day course does allow for a little more in-depth learning, which is why it is our recommended option. This course is part of the Transition into Parenthood course, so you will join the second day or the second half of a day of other parents who have just learnt pregnancy and birthing skills.

The Half-Day Course will remind you of cramming for exams, and you’ll be astounded how much information you will have gained in one single day. This convenient course covers “everything possible to cover” in just one day. It is the most time efficient course available anywhere, covering baby care and parenting during the newborn period (the first twelve weeks) in just 3 and a half hours. Brilliantly designed for shift workers, pregnant couples coming from a distance (e.g. Newcastle, Wollongong, Nepean regions), or for those who are very busy and can’t spare the day. This course is also terrific for couples who are wanting to refresh their knowledge, having already had a baby, and now needing to prepare for their second, third, fourth or subsequent baby.

What are the course inclusions?

What are the benefits of the Baby Care For Planned C-Section Course?