Pregnancy Bliss Essential Oil

A collaboration between Julie Clarke and Sharen Turner from Secret Scent

Pregnancy Bliss is a one of a kind blend of gorgeous essential oils.

Use it the whole way through the pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

Everyone who gets the chance to smell it smiles instantly and absolutely loves it straight away… saying oh I love that… it smells incredible.

Anytime you have a miserable day, simply grab the oil bottle, open it and splash it on a tissue, smell it, carry it with you for a while and you’ll be totally uplifted and restored back to your normal wonderful, lovely self again.

Feeling exhausted during your pregnancy?

Then add this oil to your diffuser and allow it to change the atmosphere around you to one of bliss and happiness.

Waking in the middle of the night? having crazy weird dreams? a couple of drops on your pillow slip or t-shirt or nightie and you’ll become completely relaxed, soothed and ready to drift off again very soon.

Feeling “hangry” at any time during the day or night in your pregnancy? Head to the fridge and raid the heck out of it in the search for some protein and complex carbs (maybe eggs on toast) to lift you back to feeling satisfied and then as you digest and chill out infuse this oil and you’ll be indigestion and heartburn free.

Wave the bottle under your nose, inhale deeply with your eyes closed and you'll secretly disappear...

…to a garden of flowers, waterfalls, music, little animals and birds, where you can lay on a soft rug on the grass, relax, stare at the clouds going slowly by and imagine your positive birth experience leading to the moment you lift your newborn into your first loving cuddle, gently together.

Yes this oil is safe to use during your pregnancy, though probably best not to put it on your skin as it’s very easy to have a an itchy sensitive moment during pregnancy, best not to add essential oils to the bath as it might sting the genitals (oops) and of course we wouldn’t drink it down, instead preferring to use it in the infuser for more thorough enjoyment.

It contains pure essential oils of mandarin, rose geranium, lavender, lemon myrtle and rose.

Julie has this adorable oil available at a special price for all her course attendees.

Every Doula uses this oil like a tool in her toolbox to help a woman through her labour more easily and comfortably. Midwives always smile when they smell it and nod knowingly as they see the labouring mum relax.