Interview: Anissa Au Acupuncturist (Women’s Health) and Julie Clarke (Birth Ed)

Insightful fun interview between Julie Clarke (Birth Educator) and Anissa Au (Acupuncturist specialising in Women’s Health).

Recently I had the best time having a chat with Anissa as we both chilled out and relaxed for a while.

It was so lovely for us both to simply drop anchor for a time to connect and get to know each other so much better.

I felt so honoured to be in her presence as she is a special person, apart from being a renowned acupuncturist who makes a significant difference to her patients with health problems and issues, she’s calm, chilled, centered and focused in her personal journey through life.

Interview Julie and Anissa Au (Acupuncture Cronulla) 

Don’t you just love spending time with people who are special souls?! I’d love her to be a neighbor actually LOL

Here’s the transcript of our lovely interview:

Julie Clarke: Tell me about the work you do?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  I am a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner working in the Shire. I work a lot with women’s issues including fertility, gynaecology, pregnancy and menopause, although that is not exclusive.

Julie Clarke:  What caused you to feel drawn to becoming an acupuncturist?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  Interestingly I was drawn to acupuncture and herbal medicine because of my own success healing my body. I was riddled with sub-health issues during my youth including period pain, digestive issues and general sub-health. My father being a Western Doctor gave me many medicines when I was younger, but nothing was fixing the problems that I had. So when I finally was earning money for myself, I explored a lot of alternative healthcare systems. Chinese medicine was certainly very effective for me, and soon I was addicted to learning a different way of understanding health. When I was given a redundancy in my early 30’s, I used the money to studying Chinese medicine!

Julie Clarke:  What is the favourite part of your work day?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist: My favourite part of the work day is really talking to clients. I get to meet people from all walks of life, and I believe that talking and bonding with people about their health or their heartfelt concerns is one of the privileges of being in healthcare. I learn so much, and hopefully, I can either give hope, relief, clarification, or just support to them.Another favourite part of my day is having a little tea break every now and then, there is something so special isn’t there about the ritual of tea? I do love drinking a hot cup of tea especially on a cold day, this is my favourite website to buy my tea:

Julie Clarke: What has been the absolute highlight of your career?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  There have been so many highlights to my career so far. I think it is the little things. However, I do remember being presented with a bunch of flowers once when a struggling couple finally fell pregnant, after trying many things. The husband was very sceptical of Chinese medicine at first, and made it known, especially when I told the wife to take certain herbs to ensure ovulation and a different lot in the second half of the cycle. I think he thought I was selling snake oil, but it worked, and he was overjoyed.

Julie Clarke: What have you gained personally within your own soul by training and working as an acupuncturist?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  Ultimately we can never cheat nature. We might think we are, but there is always a cost. It always comes back to basics, and working with nature. The body is a powerful tool when used correctly, capable of amazing feats. We as acupuncturists must bring the body to the point where healing can spontaneously occur. We don’t heal, we just facilitate healing. Therefore we must also be humble to the forces of life.

Julie Clarke: What are the qualities or ideal personality traits an acupuncturist should have to be awesome at their work?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  Not only in acupuncture, but in every profession, integrity is most important. But further to integrity, empathy and sensitivity are also important. Acupuncture is all about energy medicine, so your acupuncturist should be energetically sensitive with a real desire to assist people.Other qualities that I find assist therapist is good communications skills, skilful observation.

Julie Clarke: What do you love about life?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  I love to not only work with energy systems in clients bodies, but also with healing my own. The mind is truly powerful. Every day old paradigms are being crushed with new possibilities. It is enlightening for me to hear about how people with incurable conditions or who has come from traumatic pasts can rebuild their life or heal themselves completely. I do believe that when you open yourself up to possibility, and to your creator/belief system, it is really willing to play with us.

Julie Clarke: What are your guilty pleasures?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  I love to indulge in a good book, I like going to the movies, and enjoying a good meal with friends.

Julie Clarke: What would you say to your 10 year old self?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  Struggles will make you question the very fabric of life. Don’t resist them, but work with them. Don’t be afraid to question the status quo, because you do more damage to your self when you blindly follow others. These challenges are really the shattering of illusions, so they will serve you well and make you stronger and more confident. Follow you intuition always, and be true to yourself.

Julie Clarke: What is your country you’d love to travel to and why?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  I’d like to travel to South America such as the Amazon and Peru. I am attracted to indigenous cultures and have a thirst for learning about herbal medicine.

Julie Clarke: What is your favourite pastime?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  I love reading about health and alternative medicine. I love to read about anything that expands the mind. I like being in nature. My daughter and I do a lot of wild swimming. I’m also quite competitive, so I like a physical mental challenge every now and then.

Julie Clarke: What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  Simple pleasures such as sunshine, fresh air, hopefully I’ll get some exercise in, and be inspired by some wonderful people.

Julie Clarke: What is one tip of wisdom you’d share with a pregnant woman?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  Make yourself knowledgable as possible about everything concerned with your pregnancy. Question everyone. Make judgements based on sound knowledge, and not fear. Prepare yourself for birth in the same way. The body is made to deliver babies, so utilise this where possible. In Chinese medicine we believe that a mother’s state of mind influences the genetics of the baby, so don’t over work, value down time, and get enough nourishment.

Julie Clarke: What is one tip of wisdom you’d share with her partner?

Anissa Au Acupuncturist:  Giving birth is one of the biggest life events your partner will go through. It is extremely depleting, so your partner will need support not only in delivery, but also for months afterwards. Look out for signs that your partner might be struggling. Where you can, help out with chores and meals.

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