How to Cope With Bedrest During Pregnancy?

A busy Pregnant Woman forced to Bed Rest is a challenge – here is what to do about it:

  • Start making a list of all the things you need help with
  • Sort out priorities of tasks in order of what should be done first to help prepare for bub’s arrival
  • You want your partner by your side as much as possible in hospital so they know what’s going on with your health and can stay up to date which will provide you with much needed support in the maternity system. Informed partner’s feel more involved instead of separated and can be a better advocate.

Enter your new solution “Bedrest Solutions” your maternity concierge who will achieve whatever is on your list of priorities on your behalf.

What follows here is an Interview I’ve had with Vanessa Fritz from Bedrest Solutions

Julie Clarke asked: “What is the concept behind Bedrest Solutions?”

Vanessa Fritz replied: We understand that pregnancy isn’t always easy and women are so busy, so we wanted to create a service that gives a helping hand to pregnant women and new mums. Our maternity concierge service helps women prepare for their baby and get organised.

Julie Clarke asked: “Why did you start the business?”

Vanessa Fritz: During my pregnancy I developed pre-eclampsia and was put on bedrest for 10 weeks. I found it so difficult to get things done and after having the baby I knew I wanted to help other women enjoy their pregnancy.

Julie Clarke asked: How long has the business been running and who have you been able to help so far? 

Vanessa Fritz replied: We launched earlier this year. We were able to help an expectant mother who suffered from morning sickness the whole way through her pregnancy. We also organised a baby shower for an expectant mother who was overwhelmed with everything she needed to get done.

Julie Clarke asked: “Which part of Sydney do you service or is it all of Australia?”

Vanessa Fritz: We provide services across all areas of Sydney.

Julie Clarke asked: “Where do you see future directions for your company over the next few years?”

Vanessa Fritz: We want to spread the word so that every expectant mother who is on bedrest hears about our services. We also want to help as many women as we can to enjoy their pregnancy.

Julie Clarke asked: “What services does Bedrest Solutions provide?”

Vanessa Fritz: We help you get prepared for the baby by packing the hospital bag, completing the nursery, organising the baby shower, researching and organising the baby items, household management, errands and completing items on your to do list that you never get around to doing.

Julie Clarke asked: “Do women have to sign up for a certain package?”

Vanessa Fritz: Our services are tailored so that they are personalised to what the client needs. We can provide daily help for those on bedrest, to just helping clients the once. If a client just wants us to write their thank you cards for presents after the baby shower, then we are happy to provide that service.

Julie Clarke asked: “What benefits are there for someone to use your service?”

Vanessa Fritz: Women benefit from more time to enjoy their pregnancy and newborn, they get reassurance that they are prepared for their baby and women with difficult pregnancy’s can take back control and get things done.

Julie Clarke asked: “How do we find out more?”

Vanessa Fritz: Visit to find out more, or call 0435 058 509 for a free consultation to see what we can do for you.

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