A Little Advice can go a Long Way! Baby Boy Sleeping Well Now!

Well… I have just sat down for a little rest after vacuuming the floor in the classroom to prepare for the weekend course groups to come in for Transition into Parenthood and The New Mindful Hypnobirth… and guess what?

I have found a lovely email that has just come into my inbox…just 7 days ago Angelica turned to me for help with her big baby boy … well here is what happened… this is heartwarming…

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
For the time being, at least, our little man is having great nights.
He is going to bed at 7:30pm, sleeping till 4am (ish) for milky then this morning he slept till 7:45am!!!
Yesterday he also slept one and a half hours.
I am not getting my hopes up just yet that this will continue for long but for now I am celebrating.
I am so happy he is much more settled, whenever he is not playing he is to be sleeping or eating and that’s fine by me, as long as he is happy…
I can’t believe it Julie… you gave me such a lot of ideas and such brilliantly detailed suggestions… and it worked

You are the best

A number of factors helped Angelica’s baby – all of which are logical, gentle, easy, sensible, balanced, straightforward baby friendly ideas… within 7 days we (the baby’s mum and me) turned around the situation and now she is delighted… isn’t that great?

If you’ve been through Julie’s courses and you need help with your baby during the first 12 months then this service is open to you too!
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