Transition into Parenthood… confidence, empowerment, education

Today, I was doing a quick check of my emails and was stopped in my tracks by this feedback from one of my recent clients who attended both my courses…

On the weekend I returned back to my hometown in South Australia as my friends and family kindly organised a baby shower. I received a number of comments from other mums, both with older children, toddlers and newborns, that after sharing some things that we had learnt from both the transition into parenthood and the calm birth course, that they were amazed at how knowledgeable, prepared, positive, realistic and calm we were about the birth and the next chapter in our lives. Most saying that they wished they had known some of those things when they were giving birth so they had an idea of what to expect at least. 

Also a baby shower is a perfect time to be exposed to all those positive/negative birth stories and shared information that before completing the course, I know would have overwhelmed my ability to filter and what was relevant to retain, but instead I felt completely in control of listening, learning, but also remembering what I wanted to occupy my mind, being the information you had taught.

So I certainly felt pretty chuffed to hear that feedback from others, as well as able to continue with the amazing confidence that I feel that I have gained. So thank you, both (partner) and I feel like we are extremely privileged have met you and completed the courses. 

I was delighted to find my aims to increase their sense of confidence and empowerment had been achieved…

Truly this feedback made my day!