The best birth course is an experience… not a lecture by Julie Clarke

Sometimes my experiences as a childbirth and parenting educator amuses me, especially when I reflect on a session afterwards and realize I actually asked the group more rhetorical questions to stimulate their thinking, compared to the “fact finding” questions they may have asked me!

Although yes, my groups come along here to learn, they actually leave here usually having had an experience… they have heard and seen the noises of labor and birth when I “demonstrate giving birth” using a fetal doll model underneath my specially designed childbirth educator t-shirt.

They will have also watched as I display the noises and mannerisms of a hungry newborn, before, during and then after the feed.

By taking the risks of being prepared to act the scene and explain it along the way not only are the group sometimes moved to tears and laughter they also remember it more as an experience rather than a lecture.

The feedback I have had over the years has been very worthwhile in creating improvement in areas that required it, as well as heartfelt, uplifting and energizing feedback that has encouraged and empowered me to keep going year after year for over 20 years.

A special thanks to all those thousands of couples who have already attended my courses… I do love it when new folk book in saying their friends and family have sent them… I find it endorsing and heartwarming – thank you for your support and affirmation!