Julie Clarke determined to provide reassuring preparation for birth and baby care courses in Sydney Australia

It currently seems to me that pregnant women in our society are surrounded by negativity and this is only serving to raise their anxiety and depression during their pregnancy.

It is with this awareness that I have been passionate and driven to provide realistic, encouraging, uplifting, reassuring preparation for birth and baby courses for over 20 years.

I recall when I was pregnant that the majority of mother’s in my circle of friends and acquaintances had birthed on their backs with medical intervention regarded as an automatic thing “They just do to you” and “you just have to put up with it”.

That attitude was the underlying theme of BBQ folklore birth stories amongst friends on a Sunday afternoon.

Personally I was horrified at the attitude, but then relieved to discover the “sanctuary” of a natural birth center in Sydney and was fortunate enough to birth my first baby there, after a 16 hour drug and intervention free labor.

The endorphin hormone high I experienced bonded me to my baby in a way beyond imagination…

The pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey taught me a lot about stepping away from cultural norms and having courage and determination to aim for my own goals.

I was incredibly fortunate, when I reflect now, to have read the wonderful works of Sheila KitzingerJanet Balaskas and Ina May Gaskin who inspired me to birth my own babies naturally and then want to inspire others through teaching pre-natal classes.