A Poem: Birth and Bonding… imagine this experience…

Birth and Bonding

Experience this with me:

I’m a very little person,
I’m completely surrounded, supported, nourished,
Warmed, cushioned,
Swimming in a warm sea,
I am one with my mother,
At one with my newness,
Feeling, hearing a heart beating, blood rhythmically
Surging around me, feeling safe and warm,
There is movement, this way and that,
I am one with my mother’s feelings: I feel it too,
When she is angry, sad, loving, happy,
With my mother, I experience other people, hear their
Muted sounds, feel their touch,
I am very small, surrounded by a supporting,
Nourishing, vast loving universe.

As I steadily grow,
My limbs stretch and flex,
Against the soft boundaries of my world,
And my back is caressed.
Then gradually my space becomes crowded,
I curl up
I curl into a ball,
I feel confined, cramped,
I long to stretch,
To be free!
Then dawning joy,
Rhythmical pulsations press me,
And caress my skin,
Becoming stronger
As I start moving down a narrow tunnel.
Strong emotions and sensations
Surge through me.
It’s time to be born!
Time to leave the warm womb,
Time to experience my new life,
The strong pressure eases,
As I emerge –
I am free!

Gentle hands lift me onto
My mother’s smooth skin,
We lie belly to belly
I feel her warmth,
I hear again the familiar rhythm
Of her heartbeat.
I open my mouth
I cry once, then again,
As air fills my lungs
Then I breathe strongly.
Nuzzling her breast
My face pressed to her,
I find the nipple
Warm food flows into my mouth as I suckle.

Then I feel her stroking my Head
And body – my back, my limbs,
My cord is cut,
Ending links with the womb,
Yet I feel safe,
With our new bond already strong,
Our energies merge in a flow of love,
As we look at each other,
As I hear her voice,
And I respond to her touch,
Her smell, her taste.

Here close to mother
I feel safe, nourished, warm,
I belong,
I am.