The Ultimate Human Experience: Birth of a baby

I am an adoring mum of 2 sons Ken and Ryan, both born naturally, with the care of midwives… Ken in the first birth centre available in Sydney, Australia.

I birthed him drug free, in the squatting position with Geoff my husband of 7 years behind me, I was leaning back against him… he let me treat him like an armchair actually… Ryan was born at home after a 1.5 hour labour, waterbirth and again with Geoff supporting me from behind, my wonderful mother nearby and our midwife caring for me.

It must have been an incredible experience for Geoff actually, as I think about it, because since then I have had the experience of supporting many birthing women over 20 years as a doula and to hold and physically support a woman as they are pushing/birthing is phenomenal!

To feel the fantastic energy surging through the woman’s body and to know really know what that feels like is absolutely extraordinary.

I’d recommend it for everyone’s bucket list… wouldn’t that be amazing?… when you really think about it… just imagine if everyone could attend a birth and provide the physical and emotional support for a woman as she gives birth to new life… I’d suggest those who have that experience would have tremendous respect for women!

Dr. Michel Odent, a French Obstetrician has said “If every man attended the birth of his children… there would be no more wars, there would be world peace…”

It really is the most amazing thing to experience and also witness… it truly is a miracle unfolding before your eyes, watching a baby being born… there is nothing like it… nothing can compare… it warms your heart… it brings tears to your eyes, it fills you with the deepest sense of love and compassion… and it is so exciting!

It is without a doubt the ultimate human experience!

Have you experienced this as well?