The Passage to Parenthood is a Unique Journey, it can be wonderful… by Julie Clarke

Most parents agree there is a mix of experiences as they move through the series of changes which is the rite of passage to parenthood – during pre-conception, pregnancy, labor, birth and the newborn period.

The journey is unique of course for each person who goes through it, but most people would like to find a good supportive positive source of information and help.

The transition into parenthood is filled with wonderful, exciting memories, as well as some anxiety and perhaps stress.

Do you friends and work colleagues provide lots of useful and helpful insights?

Maybe not as much as you’d like…

Are you searching for some up-to-date and balanced information?

It seems the wisest advice when contemplating the journey to parenthood is to attend informative courses, to read widely, ask plenty of questions, listen to as many friends stories as possible, and then, with an open informed mind, make decisions based on your intuition as to what seems right for you and your set of circumstances.

Keep in mind you are not having your friends experiences over again, your experience is not a re-run of theirs, so approach your turn completely fresh and new with a positive mindset and look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead.

“I just don’t want to be useless to my partner during the labor and the birth, but I don’t know what to do!”