Pregnancy: Thrush, Monillia and Candida Albicans: fungal vaginal infection by Julie Clarke

Thrush, Monillia and Candida Albicans: fungal vaginal infection

Caused by the fungus candida Albicans, a normal part of the body’s flora and fauna, but pregnancy can cause it to overpopulate, due to the increase hormones which create favorable conditions for the fungus to thrive, particularly around warm moist areas of the body, typically around the vaginal vulval region and for some large breasted women around between their breasts and under their breasts.

This is not dangerous or serious but certainly should be brought to the attention of a midwife or doctor and treated appropriately.

During the first year of life it is not uncommon for a baby to develop thrush orally, which would appear as a red irritated area inside the baby’s mouth, either on the roof or inside the cheeks, a more advanced case of thrush would be seen with white spots inside the baby’s mouth inside the cheeks or over the tongue accompanied with a creamy appearance.

It is important to treat the baby and not ignore suspicions of thrush either manifesting in the baby’s mouth or as a nappy rash as it is quite uncomfortable and distressing for a baby.

Take the baby to the Early Childhood Health Center Nurse, your doctor or the Pharmacist for advice on how best to treat and clear up thrush.

An advanced case of thrush in the baby’s mouth can lead onto thrush in the woman’s breasts during breastfeeding which can be treated quickly and easily with the advice of a qualified breastfeeding counselor by the Australia’s Breastfeeding Association by telephoning in New South Wales Australia 1800 mum 2 mum

Eat yogurt containing acidophilus, helps restore the balance of flora

Avoid sugars and yeasts as these promote growth of the candida fungus

Yeast containing foods are fermented such as wines, Vegemite, donuts, breads, some cheeses

Vitamin C and Echinacea help boost the immune system, and garlic is an anti-fungal herb

Apply natural yogurt externally at night before going to bed

Vitamin E oil applied to sore skin can help relieve the itch

Consult the Pharmacist, Health Food Shop, Naturopath, and Doctor

The above are natural treatments and simple strategies which may help ease the discomfort of common problems in pregnancy, use as a guide only and seek advice from your naturopath, midwife or doctor regarding amounts and frequency of use. If any of these symptoms persist tell your midwife or doctor.