Pregnancy: Preparing for birth and beyond by Julie Clarke Sydney Australia

Julie frequently hears from the dads-to-be attending the courses,

“I just don’t want to be useless to my partner during the labor and the birth, but I don’t know what to do!”

Julie responds with many ideas and suggestions throughout the course, and she always recommend couples pick and choose what suits them best, as there are a wonderful variety of choices
available to be able to create your own positive and memorable birth experience

Underpinning all of her work in the courses is the philosophy of the Transition into Parenthood Mindfulness training, and that is encouraging, supporting and guiding family bonding
between a couple as they prepare for the birth of their baby

To focus on the role and the value of each parent, the importance of mothers, and equally the importance of fathers in the life of their unborn and newborn baby.

With this in mind, by encouraging enjoyment rather than stress and fear during the period of the pregnancy and birth, creates the space for a more conducive
atmosphere for good solid family bonding

Relaxation, joy, hope, courage, determination, togetherness creates good strong
loving relationships. In a nutshell that’s what it’s all about.

The Birth and Baby Care course covers birth and baby care aspects in a very practical way, whilst the Mindfulness course guides the “thinking and feeling” preparation, and focuses on the important skills for labor.

Generally couples prefer to do both courses for the most complete
preparation for labor and confidence in baby care.

Whatever steps you take towards childbirth, look for the things that both inform and nurture both of you in your transition to parenthood

It’s Julie’s passion to create an uplifting, positive, learning environment for new parents

Telephone to talk to Julie Clarke (02) 95446441  (or) Mob: 0401265530