Pregnancy: Hemorrhoids are small swellings around the…


Hemorrhoids are small swellings around the anus. They may itch, burn or bleed a little. Constipation can make Hemorrhoids worse.

Follow the suggestions for constipation, too. For many women pregnancy is the very first time in their lives that they develop hemorrhoids which are also commonly known as Piles.

If you are unsure if you have them consult your GP or talk with your Pharmacist, the GP will be able to have a look and confirm whether piles are present and advise you as to possible remedies.

The Pharmacist will have products that may assist, but always be sure to let them know you are pregnant before using any medications, to be safe. Once a person has experienced the unpleasantness of hemorrhoids the phrase “A Pain in the Bum” takes on a whole new meaning, as they really understand just how awful it is! Here are some safe and helpful things to try:

It is important to try to not sit on the toilet for a long time as this applies a lot of pressure to the anal region increasing the blood concentrated in the blood vessels in the area which may trigger the swelling

Do not strain while you have a bowel movement

Witch Hazel wipes are very safe, cooling, soothing when applied to the anal area and will shrink the swelling and reduce discomfort. Witch Hazel wipes or in liquid form in a bottle ready to apply on cotton balls or pads are available from the supermarket and Pharmacies. Keep it in the refrigerator and use them cold for immediate relief

Not surprisingly, hemorrhoids seem to occur in the same pregnant women who also suffer with varicose veins, so some of the tips in the next section might well be very useful as well.

If hemorrhoids persist talk with your midwife or doctor