Morning Sickness or all day sickness Nausea and Vomiting by Julie Clarke

Morning Sickness or all day sickness Nausea and Vomiting

It is quite common and normal to have an upset stomach or throw up during the first three months of pregnancy.

Many women describe this as feeling like having the ‘flu and a hangover all wrapped into one and is referred to as morning sickness, though many women complain that it is really all-day sickness.

It will vary from person to person, some describing it as quite mild and just the occasional wave of nausea and others requiring hospitalization for the much less common, very severe form referred to as Hyperemisis, which might require a drip inserted into the back of the arm for the severely dehydrated pregnant woman.

Usually occurs between the 6th and 12th weeks, but can persist for much longer.

Here are some things to try, see what works for you:

Hunger seems to be a common cause of morning sickness, try to avoid actually getting hungry by having some healthy snacks wherever you are, in the drawer of your desk at the office, in the glove box of the car, beside your bed, and where ever you sit and rest

Eat protein-rich foods such as eggs, cheese, chicken, and other meats

Eat foods high in folate such as beans, almonds, broccoli, meat and muesli

Smell or eat sliced lemon

get some fresh air, when you cook, open windows or use a fan to get rid of odors

It won’t take long and you’ll soon discover for yourself, what your most suitable routine is for food, whether you need to eat before getting out of bed, the size of meals and how frequently you need to have them,

Get plenty of rest

Tiredness and exhaustion is the other common trigger for morning sickness, and many women feel quite “wiped out” during the first trimester of their pregnancy, so it is important to be mindful to relax, rest and conserve your energy, be reassured that for most women this feeling will lift around 12 weeks of pregnancy which will bring a welcome relief and really lift the spirits, women then find they are happier, energized and content

Eat a piece of bread or salty biscuits or plain water crackers before getting out of bed in the morning, keep them in a sealed container next to the bed along with a bottle of water so they are available easily, without having to go to the kitchen and prepare anything,

Avoid eating greasy, hard to digest, fatty foods or spicy foods that bother you

Drink ginger tea, eat ginger in any form as it seems to be the magic ingredient for travel sickness and morning sickness, I sincerely hope it does the trick for you

Wear acupressure (sea-sickness band) bands provided by a qualified Acupuncturist

Use an aromatherapy oil vaporizer; dilute 2 drops of ginger and 3 drops of spearmint oil in water, or put the same amount onto a tissue and sniff during the day

Go for an invigorating walk in the fresh air and sunshine

Massage can help promote circulation and most importantly, relaxation. It can increase circulation to all organs of the body and good circulation to all organs of the body and good circulation helps avoid a lot of problems in pregnancy.