Connected to nature

Humans seem to have this innate need to be connected to nature.
Perhaps this is why so many people when they go on holidays to “get away from it all” head for the coast, or a tropical island paradise, or a rainforest, the bush, the countryside which provides us with the feeling of freedom.

Perhaps more than a feeling of freedom is also the sense of perspective… of where we actually fit into the scheme of things… our sense of belonging in a world of nature.

There is something reassuring for humans when connecting to nature… whether it’s bushwalking or going fishing or birdwatching or going for a swim in the river, a creek or the ocean… or perhaps just sitting for a while on the top of a mountain and looking out at a vast view… it does the soul good doesn’t it?

Another human experience which is balancing and healthy and nurturing is being with other people… humans are better off being with other humans… not isolated and lonely.

When people who are like minded or experiencing very similar circumstances come together in a supportive atmosphere and a relaxed environment surrounded by nature a calmness comes over the small group.

Julie Clarke has created that sort or atmosphere in her special classroom in the sunken lounge room of her home downstairs… outside the window is the lush green garden providing a unique peacefulness and privacy for her groups.

During lunchtime and other break times the groups mellow out in the garden that Julie looks after in her leisure time.

It’s a quirky, fun, easy going atmosphere in the garden and the couples from the courses often spread out on picnic blankets, or make use of the garden furniture chairs and tables and swap jokes and stories and ideas… laughing with each other and enjoying each others company easily.

Julie decorates the garden pots with fun arty items… there are amusing little things to notice and of course pretty petunias and azaleas and camellias and frangipanis.

The orange blossom hedge runs right around the whole lunch garden and brings a freshness to the air while those who wish to sit under the magnificent peppercorn tree.

During lunchtime be sure to tear off some leaves and crush them in your hands… cup your hands to your face and smell the beautiful aroma of the peppercorn tree leaves.
Bring your senses to life… enjoy the fragrances of nature… the peace and tranquility of Julie’s lovely garden…