Ultimate Combo Package Weekends


Including Transition into Parenthood (1 Day) + Mindful Hypnobirth (1 Day) Courses over one weekend

Fast and effective learning.

Perfect for those who would like to get the maximum from one single weekend you can enjoy doing a one day course each day and gain everything by immersing yourselves in a weekend of beneficial preparation.
You’ll receive the TiP professionally presented notes, the Mindful Hypnobirth book and handouts and anything else you need from Julie’s session.
Julie will ensure you haven’t missed out on anything.
You’d be surprised how your knowledge, understanding and confidence can grown so much together in just one weekend.
MHB = Mindful Hypnobirth (Massively popular in the USA and the UK)
TiP = Transition into Parenthood
Both of these courses have been specially designed for pregnant couples preparation in mind and regularly updated and revised based on current findings.
Julie attends births regularly, is available to be your doula if you wish and is always refreshingly positive and optimist.
Plenty of date options to choose from below!

Transition into Parenthood


Mindful Hypnobirth

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Find out more about the included courses

Transition into Parenthood

The complete full birth options and baby care preparation course options

Mindful Hypnobirth

Creating calmness using breathing and relaxation skills for labour