Ultimate Combo Package Weekends

Including Transition into Parenthood (1 Day) + Mindful Hypnobirth (1 Day) Courses over one weekend

Fast and effective learning.

These weekends give pregnant couples a perfect boost of knowledge and confidence.
They are available for any stage of pregnancy but 25 to 40 weeks is advised.
It’s the most rapid intensive way to gain the maximum amount of experience along with awesome professionally presented reference notes to take home and keep for future.

There are only 5 more Ultimate Weekends in 2020!

Enjoy a mini learning retreat over one weekend. After just two days, you will be informed, prepared, relaxed and calm for birth and baby’s arrival.

Find out more about the included courses

Transition into Parenthood

The complete birth and baby care preparation course options

Mindful Hypnobirth

Creating calmness using breathing and relaxation skills for labour