The Ultimate Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Care Course Package

Transition into Parenthood

2-Day (or) 1-Day Course


Mindful Hypnobirth

1-Day Course

Smart Choice: choose a 3-day ultimate course which includes both Transition into Parenthood and Mindful Hypnobirth

Or the 2-day express course includes condensed Transition into Parenthood and Mindful Hypnobirth

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Who is The Ultimate Course Package designed for?

Pregnant couples who are…

What is The Ultimate Course Package?

The Ultimate Course Package is a combination of both the Transition into Parenthood and Mindful Hypnobirth courses, making it the most comprehensive pregnancy, birth, and baby care course you will find!

As an added bonus, by booking The Ultimate Course Package, you receive a saving of $50 (instead of booking both courses individually).

Transition into Parenthood

Julie’s Transition into Parenthood antenatal course covers all labour and birth support strategies, practicalities for women and their partners; “must know” facts and “how to” aspects of birthing and babies.

Our focus is on looking after a little newborn baby during the first 12 weeks in a very positive way. Being able to read the baby’s body language and their variety of cry “signals” helps parents-to-be feel they can trust their intuition and look forward to getting to know their baby.

Mindful Hypnobirth

The New Mindful Hypnobirth Course by Julie explains the belief that women can experience birth through natural flow and rhythm of their labouring body; to release birthing over to their mind and body and to trust their body to function as it was intended to.

These are the courses midwives bring their own partners to truly prepare them in the easiest, most positive way, so they know what to do and say during labour.

What are the course options?

The Ultimate Course Package has been designed as a 3-day course. However, as pregnant couples are busy, we also offer a condensed 2-day version.

The 3-Day Course includes 2 days of Transition into Parenthood, and 1 day of Mindful Hypnobirth. Julie recommends this option for first time parents.

The 2-Day Course includes 1 day of Transition into Parenthood, and 1 day of Mindful Hypnobirth. Julie recommends this option for busy people or as a refresher course.

THE MAIN DIFFERENCE: The 2-Day Course is brilliantly designed for shift workers, pregnant couples coming from a distance, or for those who are very busy and can’t spare the full three days. Both options cover the same content, however the 3-day course allows for more in-depth learning and practices.

What are the inclusions in The Ultimate Course Package?

What are the benefits of The Ultimate Course Package?

Choose ANY Transition into Parenthood dates + ANY Mindful Hypnobirth dates to make up The Ultimate Course!

Reviews From Previous Parents

Georgie Hilliard
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Completing both courses with Julie really helped my husband and I understand the different stages of pregnancy and labour. Having the knowledge to help get me through labour through breathing, different positions and pressure points. Julie is great at what she does and provides a calming environment to help you feel relaxed during the course and as well as transitioning into parenthood. Her books she wrote herself is a great compliment to her course and helps with giving you guidance on your journey through parenthood. The second book is great for the first 5 years of your babies life. The book has helped me with feeding cues, bathing and clothing the baby in the right seasons.

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