Two Birth Stories Compare

Two Birth Stories: An Allegory to Compare Experiences in Current and Envisioned Maternity Care Systems October 2008 Rima Jolivet, CNM, MSN, MPH This allegory compares two women’s experiences of maternity care. It uses words and concepts that reflect the seminal values and principles put forward in the “2020 Vision for a High-Quality, High-Value Maternity Care […]

How can one mum experience such vastly different births?

Inspirational Birth Journey from a mum of 2 to help guide others down the right birth preparation path Here is a unique story of a mum’s journey through her two (very different) births… she compares how and why they varied so much… this personal reflection story will be a source of help and inspiration to […]

Three and a half weeks overdue…Our second baby’s birth… 43.5 weeks gestation

Julie’s Birth Story of baby Ryan I felt the urge calling to have another baby. That was in July. With Spring came the first signs of feeling quite off colour and very tender breasts. I bought a pregnancy testing kit and next morning with a very early (4am) desire to urinate did the test. Having to wait a little while I […]

Positive birth stories can be inspirational for mums-to-be to read… here is a lovely one for you!

Special Note from Isabel: Thank You to all the women out there who shared their birth stories and experiences which gave me to determination to birth at home. Now it is my turn to write the story I have been so looking forward to… I hope I help inspire another mum-to-be to have the great confidence […]