Right At The Start Of Pregnancy, A Special Mamma Bubba Story

At the Himba of Namibia in Southern Africa, the date of birth of a child is fixed, not at the time of its arrival in the world, nor in its design, but much earlier: since ⠀ When a woman decides she’s going to have a child, she settles down and rests under a tree, and she […]

Aromatherapy Oils for Calm Pregnancy Labour Birth and Motherhood

They contain pure essential oils to ensure the highest quality scent and uplifting, calming, relaxing experience. Our favourite way to use the oils during Pregnancy is through an electric diffuser, which delivers a smooth flow of beautiful fresh scent continuously, this is the ideal during a massage, or whilst enjoying a relaxing bath or a […]

Pregnancy Resources

Links FIND PRENATAL YOGA CLASSES at www.findyoga.com.au FIND A PRENATAL YOGA DVD at www.yogababes.com.au FIND CHILDBIRTH SUPPORT INFO FOR YOUR PARTNER at read Men at Birth by David Vernon www.davidvernon.net  FIND INFORMATION ON PREGNANCY at www.pregnancy.com.au FIND SUPPORT DURING PREGNANCY at www.pregnancysupport.com.au FIND NATURAL BABY PRODUCTS at www.natureschild.com.au FIND A BABYSITTER at www.babysitterdirectory.com.au FIND A BIRTHING POOL at www.simplybirth.com.au FIND INFORMATION ON HOME […]

Interview: Anissa Au Acupuncturist (Women’s Health) and Julie Clarke (Birth Ed)

Insightful fun interview between Julie Clarke (Birth Educator) and Anissa Au (Acupuncturist specialising in Women’s Health). Recently I had the best time having a chat with Anissa as we both chilled out and relaxed for a while. It was so lovely for us both to simply drop anchor for a time to connect and get to […]

How to Cope With Bedrest During Pregnancy?

A busy Pregnant Woman forced to Bed Rest is a challenge – here is what to do about it: Start making a list of all the things you need help with Sort out priorities of tasks in order of what should be done first to help prepare for bub’s arrival You want your partner by […]

Julie’s Pram walking Group; Mums and Bubs: chat, walk, laugh, cuppa, yummy Breakfast together

This mums and bubs group is positive, supportive, non-judgmental and a safe place for discussing everything, yes everything. Attending this group will be the highlight of your mid week hump, making new friends, being listened to, gathering great new ideas, having a laugh, fresh air, sunshine, happiness.  You’ll soon notice each week will boost up […]

Transition into Parenthood… confidence, empowerment, education

Today, I was doing a quick check of my emails and was stopped in my tracks by this feedback from one of my recent clients who attended both my courses… On the weekend I returned back to my hometown in South Australia as my friends and family kindly organised a baby shower. I received a number of […]

Herbs for use during Pregnancy, Labour, Birthing and the New Mother and Baby Months

The most common herbs used for natural healing for new mums are those that combat and relieve the after-effects of the powerful and transformational experience of birth. There is a long history of the use of herbs during early motherhood, speeding up wound healing, enhancing nutrition, calming the nervous system and boosting energy. Indeed in […]

Here is a fly on the wall moment for you from my classroom… by Julie Clarke

Here is a fly on the wall moment for you from my classroom: Hello everyone and welcome to our session, we have a lovely session in front of us in which we will be focused on, labor and birth. Suddenly I notice a couple of the women prickle with tension; smiles disappear as their anxiety is raised […]

Childbirth Education Training by Julie Clarke

I recognized the need and the chance to be able to really help other woman via pre-natal courses, but first had to undertake the year long course, with a community based organization known as Parents Centres Australia, which may have been similar to the (National Childbirth Trust) NCT in the UK. The course was fairly extensive and required […]