Two Birth Stories Compare

Two Birth Stories: An Allegory to Compare Experiences in Current and Envisioned Maternity Care Systems October 2008 Rima Jolivet, CNM, MSN, MPH This allegory compares two women’s experiences of maternity care. It uses words and concepts that reflect the seminal values and principles put forward in the “2020 Vision for a High-Quality, High-Value Maternity Care […]

Aromatherapy Oils for Calm Pregnancy Labour Birth and Motherhood

They contain pure essential oils to ensure the highest quality scent and uplifting, calming, relaxing experience. Our favourite way to use the oils during Pregnancy is through an electric diffuser, which delivers a smooth flow of beautiful fresh scent continuously, this is the ideal during a massage, or whilst enjoying a relaxing bath or a […]

Interview: Anissa Au Acupuncturist (Women’s Health) and Julie Clarke (Birth Ed)

Insightful fun interview between Julie Clarke (Birth Educator) and Anissa Au (Acupuncturist specialising in Women’s Health). Recently I had the best time having a chat with Anissa as we both chilled out and relaxed for a while. It was so lovely for us both to simply drop anchor for a time to connect and get to […]

How to Prepare for a Cesarean Section in Sydney?

In this post I provide a little background to the sensible design of the new C.Section course so valuable to all parents-to-be planning to have a booked c.section with their OB.  View Julie explaining the Baby Care Course for Planned Cesarean pregnant couples. Have you noticed all your friends who are parents and have had c.sections […]

Birth Documentary Films: Informative, Uplifting and Educational

BIRTH DOCUMENTARY FILMS Birth videos can be very informative, educational and uplifting to watch. They are an excellent resource for Birth Doulas and Post Natal Doulas who “mother the mother” – see more here Most of these clips contain nudity and some show everything – so please use your judgement when and where you watch […]

Julie’s Pram walking Group; Mums and Bubs: chat, walk, laugh, cuppa, yummy Breakfast together

This mums and bubs group is positive, supportive, non-judgmental and a safe place for discussing everything, yes everything. Attending this group will be the highlight of your mid week hump, making new friends, being listened to, gathering great new ideas, having a laugh, fresh air, sunshine, happiness.  You’ll soon notice each week will boost up […]

Cochrane Review of evidence reveals midwifery care = normal birth…

WOMEN who have a midwife care for them during pregnancy and delivery are less likely to have premature babies. A review of more than 16,000 births has shown that midwife-led care cuts the risk of having a premature baby by almost a third. It also shows women who are predominantly cared for by a midwife […]

Transition into Parenthood… confidence, empowerment, education

Today, I was doing a quick check of my emails and was stopped in my tracks by this feedback from one of my recent clients who attended both my courses… On the weekend I returned back to my hometown in South Australia as my friends and family kindly organised a baby shower. I received a number of […]

How can one mum experience such vastly different births?

Inspirational Birth Journey from a mum of 2 to help guide others down the right birth preparation path Here is a unique story of a mum’s journey through her two (very different) births… she compares how and why they varied so much… this personal reflection story will be a source of help and inspiration to […]

Your own unique birth journey…supreme pleasure by Julie Clarke

All women have their unique way of imagining what birth will be like for them… during their pregnancy they take moments to consider what their own journey to birth will be like… I believe that all of life’s journey’s from pre-birth through to the woman’s moment of giving birth to her first baby have been preparing her […]