How To Become A Doula in Australia?

It’s THE newest growth job in Maternity, becoming a “Doula Hero” to help and support pregnant women in their journey of birth to being a new mum. Many new mothers see their Doula as their “hero Doula” whilst the opposite is true too in that the new mum is the hero in the Doula’s eyes. Doulas are the most significant improvement […]

Have Julie by your side as your Birth Doula and Post Natal Doula

Julie Clarke’s Labour Support Doula Information               I have been a Birth Doula for 30 years, and attended about 150 births with Compassion, tenderness, sensitivity, positivity and a rich repertoire of strategies to use as comfort measures, solutions to challenges and my very calming voice to sooth everyone. Currently all my birth support Doula work is […]