We did both the New Calm Mindful birth and transition into parenthood courses, we were not sure whether it would be worthwhile but friends recommended it so we went for it. There is no way you could cover it all in one or two days and still retain it. It needs 4 whole days for sure.

And we can definitely say that what we got from these courses helped us to achieve the positive natural birthing experience that we had hoped for. We found doing both courses covered information to help us understand more on what to expect. They covered off what happens during labour, information for the support person, explained all the medical interventions, breastfeeding, baby care and practical info for afterwards. We both felt so much more confident and well-armed to face the unknown! We had a beautiful positive birthing experience which I didn’t think was possible after hearing all my friends ‘horror’ stories, but calm mindful birth changed our perspective on that and we owe a huge thanks to Julie. We have 3 babies under 5 and went back to Julie for refresher classes each time plus used her Baby Care Support heaps cause we just live in the Shire. The pram walking group has been great for me to get out for a nice start to my day – love it.


My husband and I completed both the New Calm Mindful Birth and Transition into Parenthood classes with Julie and found both to be invaluable in the preparation for the birth of our son. Having heard lots of horror stories about natural births I was quite fearful about my own and was recommended the calm mindful Birth classes as a way of building confidence. I am so pleased we did them. Because of Julie and these classes I went into our birth confident and unafraid and was able to have a drug free natural birth with no tearing or trauma.


This is the most valuable course you will ever do. I strongly recommend that everyone do it. Not only will you and your partner learn so much that you can’t pick up in books, but Julie is so willing to answer even the strangest questions with so much joy. I am now really looking forward to giving birth without any fear. Thanks Julie!


Julie conducts an amazing The New Calm Mindful Birth course. I would highly recommend taking this course from Julie. Her knowledge, recommendations and resources have been invaluable to me and my husband in preparation of the arrival of our firstborn. Not only is the course great, but Julie makes herself available after the course, with the Baby Care Support Service which I was lucky enough to take advantage of in my own home.


My husband and I completed the calm mindful birth course with Julie before recently welcoming our son into the world. 
As a first time mother I found the course really helped my husband and I get clear on our birth intentions. The core principles of deep breathing, visualisation and meditation really resonated with us, which we then used daily in our preparation for birth. It was one the most important tools we learnt. I found the course provided my husband with a great grounding in how to support me and our baby during labour and how he could best support and reassure me on the day. 

Julie oozes experience and had an engaging teaching style that we enjoyed and we certainly felt at ease with her. I would recommend this course – and we do – to anyone preparing for the birth of their baby whether they are a first time parent or have had a prior birth that was traumatic or didn’t turn out the way they had envisioned.


I feel quite special being on a DOULA journey with Julie. Her love, compassion, knowledge and experience goes beyond pregnancy and birth, she really understands and knows how to inspire us to be the best support person for a woman and family during this incredible time of their lives. Julie has built a community and I hope to be part of it, always. Gratitude and success to you dear!


I highly recommend Julie and both of her birth classes. After a traumatic 2nd birth, I had all but decided I wanted a cesarean. We enrolled in Julie’s course, and listened to the CD nightly while falling asleep. When I went in to labour, I visualised, remained calm and centered and less than an hour later my 3rd son entered the world, and breastfed straight away. 
Love your work Julie and I recommend your class to all my pregnant friends!


Julie and the course were both amazing. I was a little skeptical going in but after just the first day I felt more confident, relaxed and empowered about labour and birth. The course promoted me and my husband to have the direct and honest conversations we needed to plan for that day with a calm and pragmatic approach and clarity on what we want. 
Thank you Julie.

Larissa (Baby Care Support Service – in home)

From the moment Julie Clarke stepped into our home I felt calm and totally at ease. 
Julie’s lovely and soft nature guided me through the best feeding and settling
techniques, massage, and bath time ideas. I felt totally calm and at ease. Julie
provided me with all the right answers to my questions. I felt the pressure I was 
putting on myself to reach some unrealistic ideal of parenting dissipate. I relaxed and started to really enjoy my time as a mother with my beautiful baby.


Fantastic classes. Julie was incredible and shared amazing, practical strategies and techniques to reduce fear and anxiety about natural birth to empower couples through the experience. Highly recommended!


My husband and I did both courses. Doing The New Calm Mindful birth is honestly 1 of the best things we have ever done. We could not have a discussion about birth without feeling anxiety and fear. All my life I have felt absolutely terrified about the prospect of giving birth. Since doing The New Calm Mindful birth course I feel more relaxed, less fearful and more in control. I’ve gone from wanting every drug under the sun to giving a natural birth a really great shot. The techniques I have been taught I use in my everyday life and are amazing. Transition into parenthood was brilliant. It gave us so many priceless tips that have made us feel more confident and excited to be parents. Julie is a complete asset to my life I felt a huge sigh of relief when meeting her just know I have someone there to help and guide me and that is the most amazing feeling!


Our second child’s birth experience was amazing. I was able to have a completely drug free birth and I wouldn’t have been able to if I hadn’t used the techniques we had learned.


I loved the transition to parenthood and The New Calm Mindful birth classes with Julie. This gave me a lot of confidence with my wife in progressing with a natural birth and what to do when things do not always go as planned. I now feel equipped with dealing with MOST of what birth can throw at us.


My husband and I did both the Transition into Parenthood and Calm Mindful birth courses and were extremely happy we did. The courses provided us with the confidence we needed both for the big day as well as afterwards with our newborn. Well worth the money and would definitely recommend, particularly for first time parents who are feeling anxious about childbirth.


For a woman try to achieve a nature birth, this is a great way to start to attend this course. My husband and I found it is excellent and useful. Hope more women can get what they need from the courses.


As a dad to be I am really grateful to have done both the new calm mindful birth and transition to parenthood classes. Looking back on the labor experience for my wife and still going through the first month of our baby’s life the information gained is well worth the cost.

Mindful birth – I think many guys find themselves thinking they have little to with the birth but to be there. My comment would be to not miss out on this rare opportunity to show your love for your wife and family. The Calm Mindful birth course was certainly empowering for my wife. For me however it taught me where my focus needs to be and equipped me with valuable skills such as how to discuss issues with medical staff which was very helpful in the actual labor.

Transition to parenthood – a very practical and informative class where you would certainly benefit from doing the two full days to get the most out of it. While it incorporated elements of labor there was no overlap with Calm Mindful birth.

Overall the combination of the information given along with Julie’s very approachable and down to earth teaching style, her experience in the field and her willingness to take time out to chat via phone and email with any questions you may have make it easy for me to recommend these classes to anyone without hesitation.

For the dads, older generations had very little to do with birth and even now many other dads came to the class simply ‘for their partners’.. But there is an enormous amount you can give and gain from the birth experience that will make a real difference to your relationship and stamp the beginning of being the man you want to be for the future to your partner and child – these classes certainly help you realise that, don’t miss the opportunity.


This class was wonderful! Julie provided a great overview of birth and caring for your new baby in both the calm mindful birth and transition to parenthood classes. Attending these provided both practical tips as well as assisting you to mentally prepare for both Labour and the initial few weeks at home. These classes took the fear out of childbirth and becoming a parent, and allowed for me and my husband to have a very positive, supported, empowered and connected experience in the arrival of our beautiful baby girl. Julie has also been extremely helpful in providing advice with the many questions we have had since bringing our baby girl home. I highly recommend these classes with Julie to anyone having a baby!


My husband and I recently completed the Calm Mindful Birth course and couldn’t be happier with the way we felt after the two days. We left with invaluable practical skills, knowledge, a new and much more empowering perspective on the joy of childbirth, very different to hospital courses, and it really cemented the understanding of the importance of partnership and how the husband can be supportive. He is just as big a part of the time as mum. I highly recommend this class to all expecting parents!

Sarah Lewis

We did both of Julie’s classes and feel so much more prepared. She has been fantastic through the entire process and created an environment where we felt welcomed, comfortable and nurtured. The classes provide honest, evidence based education which Julie clearly draws from her extensive experience. There is the opportunity for discussion without judgement and any concerns or fears raised Julie is quick to address with solution based thinking. I wish these classes were the norm for all expecting families. Thank you Julie, we look forward to sharing our birth story with you in the near future.


My husband and I learned a great deal at both of Julie’s classes (TIP and CMB) and would highly recommend it as a must-do for other first time parents-to-be. My husband was slightly skeptical at first, but this soon changed as Julie opened his eyes to the truth about labour etc and the important part he will play.

I entered Julie’s lovely classroom unsure and anxious about the birth but now feel empowered, confident and excited for the big day. In particular, we both feel more comfortable in dealing with hospital staff, knowing our rights and being able to request options that are best for us.

Calm Mindful Birth was invaluable in preparing us mentally and emotionally for birth, both as individuals and as a couple, providing us with Julie’s extensive knowledge and advice – which increased our confidence immensely. This was boosted by the Transition into Parenting class, which provided hands-on practical advice with all things labour and new born. I had quite a few ‘ahaa!’ moments in the TIP class where a few things I felt unsure about clicked into place. Knowing we also have Julie available for phone advice if we need it really helps to ease my mind too.
Thanks Julie – hope to be able to share our awesome birth experience with you soon 🙂


Such a wonderfully comprehensive course with lots of advice for new parents. The content was presented in a relaxed fun format in the comfort of Julie’s home instead of the clinical hospital environment. I would definitely recommend the class to new parents and also the refresher having additional children as it is a lot of fun and really does prepare you for the journey of parenthood.

Lee Murray

I reckon every bloke should do this for their partner. Even if you think you have heaps of experience as I did, you should do yourself a favour and be prepared for one of the best experiences of your life. In a time where guys particularly can feel powerless, Julie’s TiP course empowers you to understand and act, not for yourself but for each other as a team. The Course itself was engaging, fun, and you even had some much needed time to chill.


When I was pregnant for the first time I was so glad we had Julie to make sure we went into birth and parenthood fully informed and confident. Julie was warm, knowledgeable, caring and has a fabulous sense of humour. I have recommended Transition into Parenthood classes to a few people and they have also come away after meeting Julie feeling empowered around their birth and excited to meet their babies.


This taught us so many positive things to not only use at birth but for everyday life. Would recommend to everyone!


My husband and I did both calm mindful birth and transition into parenting classes with Julie! We found them so beneficial both as a couple and as individuals to understand our role in the birthing and parenting process. I now feel I have the resources and the knowledge to birth without fear and understand what my body is capable of naturally. Julie’s laid back approach makes the class highly enjoyable and comfortable not only for the woman but for the men too! I left the classes feeling calm and empowered! I would highly recommend doing these classes!


I heard about Julie’s TIP course from my friend who just did same course and had baby recently! We are very satisfied with Julie’s TIP course, and feel more confident now as first time parent! The class was held in a relaxed and comfy environment, a heat pack provided on a cold day! All of this make me feel tiredness free and make me willing to learn! Julie is a wonderful teacher and the content of the course is comprehensive and there were interactive activities included, which all satisfied our learning needs! It is really worthwhile and we highly recommend this course to all the parents to be.


We got so much out of Julie’s Calm mindful birth classes, it was such a valuable experience. Julie is a wise and pragmatic teacher, with a positive and organic way of approaching pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. We left the final class feeling overwhelmed with confidence and excitement for our upcoming birth. We would highly recommend this class to anyone expecting a little one. If you’re feeling nervous, anxious or unsure about childbirth, Calm Mindful birth is the way to go!

Lorraine Martin

My Partner and I attended the Calm Mindful birth course with Julie and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, I knew when I saw this course that instinctively it felt right to attend, I wanted to look at options for having a calm mindful birth for me and my baby, my partner was very skeptical however from day one he immediately changed his perception! The whole course provided us with tools we didn’t know existed, knowledge we weren’t aware of and an awe of excitement ahead of the birth of our baby boy due in October. Julie’s approach is calm, informative and engaging. We had fun, and enjoyed learning at the same time. As parents to be we feel ready to embark on the amazing journey and now also look forward to the labour with a knowing this will be a wonderful and calming experience for me, partner and baby! I am recommending Calm Mindful Birth to all pregnant couples I know. I would encourage anyone who is having a baby to attend this course. I just wish it lasted longer than 2 sessions, that’s how much we enjoyed it! I am now practicing the tools I received on a daily and weekly basis and know in my heart this will be a wonderful experience. Thank you to Julie for the great course.

Julie Anne

I attended the Calm Mindful birth course with my partner and it was such a valuable experience for the both of us, identifying strategies to achieve the type of labour we both want. Julie is a wonderful teacher and I strongly recommend couples, especially first time parents, to attend this course.


We recently attended both your mindful birth and Transition to Parenthood courses. We want to say a huge thank you for your fantastic courses. The Mindful birth course really helped Louise during labour, she was able to relax and focus on her breathing, getting through some tough times! After an hour of pushing, and endless massaging of leg cramps by myself and our doula, little James was born. We were a little in shock to begin with, but quickly bonded and enjoyed our first moments together as a family. The Transition to Parenthood course has helped us too. We both remember you mentioning to watch if baby turns his head to one side, which James was doing. We have since visited our chiropractor and James is now comfortably wiggling about. The rest of the course was very practical too and we are already applying the rest of the knowledge as new parents!
Also, your impersonation of a cry for a feed is absolutely spot on!


My wife and I found the course a great tool in preparation for birth. We had the course recommended to us by a number of different people. At the end of the course we felt like we had a few tools or techniques in preparation for the birth and even beyond.


Julie Clarke, What a woman! She helped me 25 years ago in 1989 turned me from a petrified young mother to a confident natural birth experience, 3 times. Will forever recommend. Hope she won’t be in retirement for my next generation. So proud to see she still thrives in this business and well deserved.


Highly recommend the mindful birth course for any first time parents who are as clueless as we were! This combined CMB with the TiP course prepared us as much as anyone could be for the birth of our son. Julie is great, we learnt so much and are so grateful.


We really enjoyed the Calm mindful birth classes held by Julie and found them very helpful and insightful. It was a wonderful calm class atmosphere and lovely to speak with other positive parents to be.


My husband and I completed both the Calm Mindful Birth and Transition into Parenthood courses with Julie. We both feel incredibly empowered after attending these courses and well informed about birth and caring for our newborn. Julie reminds you of the positivity and your body’s natural ability to deal with these life events whilst providing relevant and practical content. Husbands/partners are included every step of the way too, which is wonderful. The take away books, notes and CDs are very comprehensive providing plenty of further learning and revision should you wish to do that. Julie is very open and the extracurricular support is the best I have ever encountered, she encourages you to contact her whenever you need to. 

Regardless of what our birth entails – natural, drugs, emergency c-section – we feel that we can make it a positive and wonderful experience thanks to the tools and skills we have learned from Julie. Thank you so much!


My husband and I attended the calm mindful birth class as we had been told about it by some good friends. We went with the intention that any extra knowledge we received about the birth couldn’t hurt. The course went beyond my expectation of alleviating the fear I held in regards to my labour. My husband and I both have so much confidence now in our ability to give birth in a natural and calm way. Even if unforeseen circumstances do arrive in our birth and medical intervention is required, the techniques we have learnt to relax and stay calm are priceless in any everyday experience. 
Thank you Julie. 
Sally and Scott


I would recommend both these courses to all expectant parents. Julie is a fantastic teacher and I walked away feeling ready to give birth. These courses have really taken my fears about labour, birth and parenthood away. It has also given me tools I can draw upon to deal with difficult situations that may arise during labour and birth.


Julie is such a great educator. She used stories to help us remember her lessons and has armed us with the tools and techniques we need for a natural birth. We wished we could bring her home with us, love her velvet calm voice during the relaxation segments, we wanted to sit her on the end of our bed to talk us to sleep each night.
Shane & Lucy


A must for pregnant couples! We did both the calm mindful birth and TIP courses and found them so incredibly helpful. I can only describe Julie as a birthing-fairy-godmother. She gave my husband and I the language, the tools and the empowering knowledge to prepare ourselves for the birth of our bub (and beyond). Transition into parenthood covered so much vital information in a relaxed, friendly environment. Calm birth addressed all of the fears and preconceived ideas that we had about labour and childbirth. We feel so prepared and excited now.


My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was so nice to attend a class where the husbands are involved the whole time. Julie’s teaching style is fantastic and the content was extremely useful. It really helped to prepare us for the birth of our first baby and I highly recommend this course to any pregnant couple, whether it’s your first baby or not.


I couldn’t imagine going into labour and giving birth without having done the Calm Mindful birth course and Transition into Parenthood Condensed courses with Julie. I felt so confident about the upcoming birth of our baby and so well prepared, excited and ready. Both courses were such a valuable education which prepared us for when to expect, giving my husband the confidence to participate and play an integral role in the birth and equip us with tools to give us the birth experience we wanted, making it such a special time we will treasure. I achieved a natural birth, drug free as I’d hoped for and a very alert, healthy happy baby. Thank you Julie!


My husband and I attended the ‘super condensed’ childhood and parenting course on a Sunday with Julie. It was a small, intimate group of 4 other couples and the learning environment is so wonderful, you feel like you’re at home. Julie really helped me feel more confident and excited about becoming a first time parent. She encourages you to ask all those questions you have accumulated since becoming pregnant and provides you with an enormous amount of useful feedback and a wealth of past experiences. I feel more prepared for labour and also some basic techniques for essential baby care. Julie is able to make you feel really comfortable about the challenges that lie ahead and I appreciate her ongoing support as she makes herself readily contactable for any queries you may have in the future.


The calm mindful birth course Julie runs was everything we wanted and had sought to understand about the birthing process both from a mother and partners perspective. The course is facilitated in a such a way that every piece of valuable information Julie gives you can be discussed and absorbed. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I had been seeking an understanding of how to deepen and nurture the connection between me and my baby and include my partner as well. As first time parents the course provided us an understanding of the birthing process and provides techniques that can be practiced together at home to assist the labour. The course intelligently explains the impact fear can on a women’s body in labour and how this can affect the babies journey into the world. Julie’s knowledge and calm and welcoming demeanor made the course doubly enjoyable. We were part of an excellent group who were all there to try and learn how to make their babies entrance into the world a calm and aware one. I would highly recommend for people who are first time parents and those who want to deepen their connection with partner and baby. Cannot praise enough 🙂 thank you Julie for a wonderful two days.


My husband and I did the mindful birth class with Julie Clarke and were inspired by the content covered in the course. Not only has it given me the increased confidence in birthing my baby naturally, but has also allowed my husband to understand how he can support me. My husband and I are on the same page now and we both look forward to working as a team to welcome our baby into the world. Thanks Julie highly recommend the course!


My husband and I feel much more confident now after Julie’s course. Awesome experience, highly recommend to everyone. We didn’t want to go home after the course! Oh and we loved the indulgent chocolate chip cookies.


There are countless birth courses on hand these days – but few will set you up for a truly special birth quite like Julie’s Calm Mindful Birth. You and your partner will leave the course feeling confident, prepared, excited – and above all, mindfulness, about the next chapter which is about to unfold in your life. Consider this one of the best investments you can make in the emotional and physical well- being of your family.


After hearing from friends that had done the calm mindful birth, we researched our options and decided to do the 2 day course with Julie. It really was one of the best decisions we could have made! 
From the very moment I met Julie, I felt at ease, comfortable and like I was in the hands of a very wise and knowledgeable teacher. Her years of experience running the course and going to births as a Doula are really invaluable and she wants to share all her knowledge with you, as much as she can. Julie runs her group classes from home and the experience she provides you with is very personal and welcoming, and at all times I felt like I could ask her anything and know that she would take her time to answer and discuss it, allowing me to feel confident that the natural process of birth was an experience to be embraced and something I am now looking forward to. 
From doing the course, I feel like I have the confidence, knowledge, belief and importantly the skills, to birth my baby the way I want to and that I’m looking forward to the birthing process being a calm, positive and truly amazing experience!


My husband and I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence through Julie’s fantastic course. I would highly recommend this to all first time expecting parents.


My husband and I did calm mindful birth with Julie and were so glad we did. Not only did I gain confidence in myself and my ability to have a natural birth, it gave my husband an understanding of how important his role was too. My labour was 40hrs from the first contraction until my daughter was born. I honestly believe if it wasn’t for calm mindful birth with Julie, I would not have been able to get through. When I think back to it, my body is covered in goosebumps. I can safely say it was the most incredible experience of my life.


After completing Calm Mindful Birth and Transition into Parenthood my husband and I are more confident and excited about the birth of our baby in January. Julie’s courses were both informative, educational and enjoyable. We will definitely recommend the courses to our friends.


Fabulous course that we highly recommend. We’ve walked away from the course feeling much more informed, empowered and on the same page as a couple in relation to what we hope our birthing experience to be.


The Calm Mindful Birth class we did with my husband was a great learning experience. I understand the process of labor and birth and how a woman’s body works much better. The knowledge is really empowering. I trust my body and the baby and my partner.
Thank you Julia for your passion and for encouragement. 
You believe in each and every one in your class and your personal stories are good examples of how to set an intention and trust yourself. Thank you for heaps of valuable resources we got from you. We are looking forward to meeting with our second baby soon.
With gratitude, Natasha


I went to both the calm mindful birth and transition to parenthood courses. They were excellent. Very informative and enjoyable. Julie is very warm and encouraging. Highly recommend!


Highly recommended. Julie Clarke’s Calm mindful birth and Transition into Parenthood courses are essential for any parents-to-be that want the information and tools to take an active role in the birth and development of their child.


We are so happy we booked into the Calm Mindful Birth class with Julie. The course gives a woman such confidence in her own abilities. We are really looking forward to the birth now and have some great practical skills which we can’t wait to test when the special day arrives. Thank you Julie.


Julie’s course was great at getting us both on the same page and giving us the tools for a positive birth experience!


We really couldn’t speak more highly of Julie and this course. In just two days, we covered a vast range of topics that left no stone unturned and the take-home resources provided are fantastic. Julie’s home set up is perfect for the job being extremely comfortable and the refreshments (including Tim Tams!) are second to none. 
We would very much recommend this course to any soon-to-be-parents. You won’t regret it!!


Given that I had a 20hr labour, it was essential that I had some techniques that could allow me to get through it. Both of these courses set me up to be able to get through the process and I am thankful for learning how to relax. Thanks Julie! Zoe x


I do not know where to begin in Thanking Julie Clarke for sharing her knowledge and expertise in our transition to parenthood classes. My husband and I attended because we felt we wanted to try and have a really positive birth experience and we had heard good things about Julie’s classes…first of all, the classes were AMAZING! Julie’s knowledge is quite astounding. The days we attended were absolutely FULL of relevant information from what you can actually DO in your pregnancy to increase your chances of having a good labour, how to approach your labour and how to make informed decisions in the lead up to labour and when situations arise in the hospital to give you the best possible outcome, what to take for labour and the hospital that is actually useful, basics on how to care for baby afterwards, and heaps and heaps of links to resources for those times that you are challenged with baby once you are home. Julie gave us a book that she has perfected over the years with resources that we continually looked back on over the final time before our first baby was born, and then pulled out as soon as I was pregnant again with our second. Julie’s classes gave my husband and I HUGE amounts of knowledge which completely empowered us. My first birth was a completely relaxed, natural drug free experience because of what I knew from Julie’s guidance. Without her course I KNOW I would have been panicky but because of what Julie had taught me I trusted in my body and all that happened. YES – It hurt! But it was the type of pain I could bear because in between contractions there was relief and I could literally feel my body opening like it was meant to. My first birth was amazingly empowering and the whole time I knew what was happening. 

My second birth was much quicker than my first and again, was a completely drug free waterbirth. Again, I felt very prepared and believed in my body. Birth really can be amazing and empowering if you know enough to make the right choices for you. The staff in hospitals are fantastic but at the end of the day YOU need to be informed to make the right decision for you as more often there will be things you were not happy with after the birth and you wished had gone differently. If you are educated by someone who really does seem to know it all and has an amazing ability to pass it on to you your birth experience will be completely different. Mine are cherished experiences that I want to always remember.
I was originally hesitant to spend any money for antenatal classes (both the Calm mindful birth & Transition into Parenthood combined) but my Midwife assured me that I would get so much out of them & that I would love Julie Clarke’s teaching style. She was not wrong! I am so pleased that I chose to Julie’s classes & that I opted to take both. Julie Clarke is so positive, uplifting & full of knowledge. The Calm mindful birth course taught me so many techniques to have the birth that I envision. She went over breathing, visualization, what my partner should do, delayed cord clamping (so important!), bonding, breastfeeding… I feel so much more prepared for my birth, and so positive & excited about it. I really can’t speak highly enough about Julie Clarke, Calm Mindful birth & Transition Into Parenthood. I feel like I have a birth & childhood encyclopedia at my fingertips. Julie graciously extends herself to questions after class, to emails, to personal phone calls and genuinely wants to help. Needless to say, I highly recommend these classes!!


My husband and I decided to do Julie’s Transition to parenthood classes before the birth of our first child and it was the most useful thing we did during our preparation. We did Julies condensed class as we found we were quickly running out of time as my due date was approaching. The information that was packed into that one day was phenomenal, she gave us so much practical advice and a real confidence for the next chapter of our lives. We left having had a great day role playing labour, wrapping babies and learning what to do and expect during the birth and early days. I referred to the books that Julie gave us so many times in the beginning with our daughter and utilised Julie’s baby care service when she was around 3 months to help us with her sleeps during the day and then again at 5 months as we readied ourselves to start solids. Julies advice was always so thoughtful and intuitive and respectful to my baby. I found her guidance has helped me to trust my instincts and be the parent my daughter needs. I love being part of Julies pram walking group too, it is probably my favourite morning of the week. We have such a great time relaxing and sharing our experiences.


The support Julie offered for me and my family throughout my pregnancy and first year of my son’s life has been beyond words. 
Julie’s Calm Mindful birth class planted the seed for me to have the most enjoyable birth experience I didn’t even know was possible. My biggest fear, being my first baby, was the unknown of what labour would bring, but by practising the breathing techniques and visualisations Julie taught us I had such faith in myself that I could birth the way I wanted. And I did! 
The Transition to Parenthood class was practical and we got a lot of tips on how to care for our new baby when we got home. Julie has up-to-date knowledge of what is best for babies and has so many resources in the room to find out whatever we needed about birth and babies. 
The Baby Care Support Service was so helpful also. Julie saved me when I was buried in a sea of books and advice that went against the ways I wanted to parent our son. Julie was so calm when she came to our house and made me feel confident with what I was doing. It was so helpful to have her come to our house and show us how we can set things up, and use the things we already had. I will definitely use this Service when I have my 2nd baby! 
I also joined the Pram walking group which is so much fun to catch up with like-minded Mums. Not to mention the delicious breakfast! 
I tell all my friends about Julie’s services because I know she has helped us become the confident parents we are today!


Calm Mindful birth for us was a great experience we left feeling more confident on our birth and in each other. Our thoughts on the birth experience were very much along the lines of calm mindful birth to start with so this just help clarify everything for us and unite me on my partner into feeling more like a team and really working on it together. 
It is a great way to remove any fear you might have around it and turn it into something positive. 
The take home CD’s are great and help you visualise the kind of birth you want.


My husband and I recently attended both the Calm Mindful birth and Transition into Parenting course with Julie. We could not recommend this more highly! Julie is really lovely and really knowledgeable, she ensures that parents are informed of the most natural, safe choices for baby and ensures all advice has been thoroughly researched and is evidence based. The calm mindful birth course helped to take away the fear of childbirth and give me techniques and confidence going into a natural birth. My husband really enjoyed the course, finding great value with the information on what to expect and how he could help me achieve the birth we both wanted. The transition into parenting course was a great addition to explain great labour positions and helpful advice on caring for baby, calming, settling and breastfeeding. I really appreciated how much thought and time was given to the content to ensure parents had the best information and were able to ask any and every question.


My husband and I attended Julie Clarke’s Calm Mindful Birth and Transition into Parenthood courses recently. We had done a lot of reading and research before we went but still had lots of questions, all of which Julie answered in great detail. We left feeling really confident about the upcoming birth of our baby and our ability to look after her well when we take her home.

Julie shared so many practical tips and techniques that aren’t covered in any of the books we’d read and is always happy to take questions from her course graduates.

The most useful parts of the Calm Mindful Birth course for us were learning in detail how the uterus functions during birth and the meditations – learning how to use relaxation and breathing techniques during labour.

The best parts of the Transition into Parenthood course were getting to practice active labour positions together – learning how to work together well during labour and the secrets to settling an upset baby. 
Thanks Julie!


My husband and I attended the 2 day Calm Mindful Birth class held by Julie Clarke. The class was great – I feel it has prepared me for childbirth and for the first time in my life I can say that I’m excited about giving birth! Julie is lovely and is happy to discuss anything – no matter how small or big your question is. I highly recommend this course to all prospective parents. We are still laughing at her change table joke.


Transition to Parenthood and Calm Mindful birth were AWESOME. I felt completely unprepared (ok clueless) beforehand, but now I feel calm and confident. That’s how much I learnt. Julie is great, you can ask any dumb question and she even encourages you to call if you need help afterwards. I couldn’t recommend the courses enough


Julie is an excellent teacher, and has an excellent way of sharing her knowledge with the class. My wife and I are much more comfortable and prepared now for our little girl to join us!


I loved the Calm mindful birth classes. I heard about them from the baby centre forum and decided to give it a try. Julia is very positive and helpful person, she charged me with energy and showed the way how to be more confident in my body during the birth. I had classes when I was 34 weeks pregnant and after that I gave a life to my first baby without any drugs. I was in labor for 17 hours and I kept trust to my body all the time. I knew I can do it thanks to Julia. I would definitely recommend her classes.


The Calm mindful birth course was recommended to my partner and I by friends and I am so happy we attended. Julie is such a positive person and teacher, she made us feel so much more confident than we were beforehand. We would recommend this course – whether it is your first pregnancy or not!


My fiancé and I were most impressed with the calm mindful birth course and the manner in which Julie presented. The content enabled us to really focus on the birth we desire and I also feel it opened up lines of communication between us. My fiancé was naturally skeptical at first, but he really enjoyed and benefitted from the class. Our bub is yet to join us, but already I feel more confident about the birth process due to Julie’s course. We thoroughly recommend this course to people who, particularly, are hoping to achieve a natural birth.


I attended Julie’s Calm mindful birth class and was thoroughly impressed. My first labour was quite traumatic and I was extremely concerned about my second labour. After attending Julie’s course, I now feel like I have been given all the skills and knowledge to birth my second baby in a calm and gentle manner and I am now excited and even looking forward to the labour. Julie is so caring, knowledgeable and experienced and I am so grateful to her for the insights she has provided me. Thank you Julie, your course is wonderful and you have done a great service to myself and my family, we appreciate it so much.


I wasn’t sure about signing up to calm mindful birth classes but I’m so glad I did! They were really empowering and such a helpful preparation for birth. The transition to parenthood class was excellent too – it’s definitely worthwhile spending a bit of time learning these things! The instructor, Julie was excellent and her personal passion and experience were invaluable – I feel so much more confident knowing that I can seek her advice along the way if I need it. I think women need more of this kind of birth support!


My wife Pauline and I attended the Calm mindful birth classes with Julie over two Saturdays. I am very glad we broke it up over two weekends because doing the whole lot in one go on one whole weekend would have been overwhelming. We both needed a week’s break to process the information and take a bit of time to talk about it between the two of us prior to session 2 which was awesome. The course provides you with practical tips, tools, and techniques to help you through pre-birth, and prepare for pre-labour and labour… we expect and look forward to reaping the benefits through these latter stages also soon. Course content on its own is simply information, and the instructor or facilitator is the one who helps you take the content and make it valuable. Julie makes learning and integrating the information so easy, it is clear to us why she is at the top of the leader-board for antenatal classes in Australia.


My partner and I really enjoyed the classes. We gained lots of information, and the best thing about it, was that Julie made the teaching very positive – which meant we left feeling very confident and empowered and ready to have a baby! My partner has had kids before and we couldn’t do two consecutive Saturday’s due to custody commitments and we didn’t want to use a whole weekend up in one go – so luckily Julie’s timetable is totally flexible and she let us choose session 1 on a Saturday in October and then we did session 2 on a spare Sunday in November – we are grateful to be able to break it up conveniently as we did. It worked for us. Thanks for your understanding and flexibility Jules.


Julie’s coaching of the calm mindful birth course was fantastic, she was caring, kind and committed with passion and believes in what she is delivering to all who attends her classes. I feel much more confident about the natural process birthing a baby actually is, I have faith in my ability as a woman to naturally deliver my baby.


Julie’s Calm mindful birth course was a wonderful way to spend two days. We learned so much more than we could ever gather from books and the internet, and are looking forward to a calm and natural labour and birth with a huge amount of enthusiasm, positivity and confidence!


Julie’s course dispelled all the myths that unhelpful friends and family love to dispense when you are expecting. Our birth plan worked out exactly as we wanted and we can honestly thank Julie for giving us the knowledge that enabled us to avoid having any interventions in the delivery of our son.


I entered Julies Calm mindful birth course fearful of childbirth and walked out confident and looking forward to the birth of our baby. I learnt so much valuable knowledge and great techniques for childbirth and beyond. I recommend this course to everyone having a baby.


My husband and I had no idea what this whole course was about and was recommended to do this by our midwife. We are having our first baby and this course, Calm Birth has really opened up our minds on going towards a more calm, stress free birth without any medication/painkillers if all goes well. Julie is such a patient teacher and fantastic at what she does in delivering the course materials. We are now looking forward to the birth of our first child without any apprehension or tension. Would highly recommend it to any couples – be it their first or subsequent pregnancy!


I could not recommend Julie’s course more! With my husband we did the mindful birth class in preparation for the arrival of our little man (baby no 1). The course was excellent and Julie is fantastic. We finished the course feeling very confident, relaxed and excited about the upcoming birth. And as I am writing this review after the birth of our son, I can tell that the course made all the difference. It did not give us any unrealistic ideas or expectations about the birth but left us confident, informed and prepared and therefore during the whole labour we just worked with my body, using the techniques that we learn and “surrendering” to the whole process. The result was a labour that we wished for and our beautiful healthy boy. He was born in water, with no medications…and the midwife wanted to keep my husband as a doula, that’s how amazingly he supported me throughout the process! Wouldn’t do it without the course and all the advice Julie gave us. It was fantastic and I could not recommend it more!


I highly recommend Julie’s Calm mindful birth and Transition into Parenthood classes. She is amazing. Both myself and my partner now feel well prepared for the wonderful life change which we are about to experience. Julie’s style of interactive group learning and her warm sense of humour put us at ease and made the classes great fun. Thanks Julie!


It is an invaluable course that my husband and I did. Julie is so experienced and passionate about what she does; This alone makes you feel so positive about everything. The help and support she gives you during and after the class is amazing. Also, the course content is great and equips you with new skills and those that really work. I feel my partner was definitely more supportive and understanding about labour and birth and this is so important. I definitely recommend the calm mindful birth course and transition into parenthood course to all my pregnant friends. It will definitely give you the most exciting and relaxing birth you have always wanted.



I attended both of Julie Clarke’s courses – Transition into Parenthood and also the Calm Mindful birth training. I found the classes to be extremely thorough. Julie is warm, engaging and has such a passion for what she does, it really shows. My partner also really enjoyed the courses. I went on to experience 3 amazing natural births and I truly do credit this to having completed Julie’s courses. I couldn’t recommend these more highly to expectant parents!


Excellent! My Fiancé and I both attended the Mindful birth course with Julie Clarke and have left feeling empowered and able to cope and have a successful active and relaxed birth. It was a great resource that gave us the tools we need to get through the labour birth, and beyond. Julie was most hospitable, and such an inspiration and we feel so prepared for the birth of our first child. I highly recommend this course to anyone, even second time parents who haven’t participated in calm mindful birth previously.


This course was a God send. My husband and I attended both the Transition to Parenthood and the Mindful birth classes and they made a massive difference to our preparation and birth of our beautiful baby girl. We were so much more relaxed and it resulted in a natural birth with a very happy, calm little bub who was born healthy, alert and ready to breastfeed straight from birth. My recovery has been very quick and my husband and I also have the follow up information we need when arriving home and being parents for the first time. Excellent for first time parents or second, third babies etc. Highly recommended over other courses including ones run by the hospital.


My husband and I attended both Mindful Birth & Transition to Parenting courses and were thoroughly impressed with both. Julie’s passion for the material and generosity with her time and knowledge was just amazing, and I have been heartily recommending her courses to every pregnant couple that I meet!


My husband and I attended both Transition into Parenthood and Mindful birth courses before the birth of our first child in 2010. I found the courses empowering, informative and supportive. I heard many birth stories from family and friends and did not have a positive view of childbirth and parenting. Recently had my second child in Dec 2011 and I have had two positive birth experiences, the skills I learnt from the courses were invaluable, nothing I had ever heard before and my husband and I credit these courses for welcoming our two children into the world in a really positive and calm way. I’ve enjoyed our Pram Walking Group in the early morning too. Thank you Julie!


Julie Clarke’s course is invaluable preparation for any new parent for the arrival of a newborn. Her personal approach, her positive attitude, and the handy booklet is outstanding. The fact that she also offers the opportunity to contact her if you have any questions or concerns during birth, and after your baby has arrived shows that she genuinely cares for you and your family as individuals. We did the Mindful birth and Transition into Parenthood course and found both an excellent complement to each other. My husband was an excellent birth partner, and I believe he wouldn’t have felt the empowerment he did if it wasn’t for Julie’s course.
Julie is a great trainer and did a great job of preparing me for what was to come. I would not hesitate to recommend her and her Pram Walk Mornings.


Julie’s program is absolutely fantastic. To begin, she is a nurturing, kind, gentle and informative teacher which we learnt a wealth of knowledge from. Secondly, I cannot imagine any pregnant couple not preparing with this course. It made our childbirth experience (NOTE: OUR childbirth experience, as childbirth is a team effort!) an unforgettable moment.


Julie is a wonderful, knowledgeable and very loving wise person. My husband and I had no family in Australia and I didn’t have a clue on child birth or what to expect. Julie’s classes, care and expertise were very helpful and gave us lots of very important information and prepared us to what’s to come during and after birth. Her baby care support service was invaluable. I’d recommended Julie’s classes to so many of my friends and will always do. Thank you Julie


Julie’s class was very educational, but her delivery is fun and keeps you interested. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she is more than happy to share. No question goes unanswered. Don’t know how I would have survived without the Baby Care Support Help she gives – we didn’t get the chance to do the TiP course with her only the Mindfulness and it meant we didn’t prepare for bub just birth but we tell our friends you have to prepare for BOTH. Lucky our friends get to learn from our experience.


My husband and I both attended the Mindful birth and Transition into Parenthood classes. They were both extremely valuable and Julie Clarke made me feel completely empowered and relaxed about giving birth. I could not have done anything to better prepare myself for the most important moment in my life. Thanks so much, Julie!


This course is a must. Julie is fantastic, a wealth of knowledge and a great support. We felt so excited and confident about becoming parents after her course.


My husband and I attended Julie’s classes and WOW what an amazing woman! Her classes are informative, making it easy to take in the information; she’s incredibly knowledge, respectful and shows genuine care towards her clients so much so, that I’ve recommended her to many friends who in turn have passed her name onto their friends – that speaks volumes! I would absolutely recommend her services without any hesitation.


We highly recommended Julia’s two day classes. Julia gave use a lot of information/handouts which was very useful – library great, practical demos, hands on approach, and group work great. Defiantly a must for first time parents


I highly recommend joining this class. This two day course with Julie prepared us with everything we needed to know for the big day and after the birth. It was a priceless experience for us as our little one decided to come into the world before we could make the hospital or the ambulance make it to us. Julie’s shared knowledge enabled me to play the successful home midwife and without this I’m sure I would not have coped with the situation.


I would highly recommend this course! My partner and I got so much out of this course, it was amazing the amount of knowledge Julie has. She is an inspirational trainer that I could have listened to all day long. She gave us so much information we had not found anywhere else – Thank you Julie! It was a very comfortable, thorough and reassuring experience as well as an instructive and non-prescriptive one. The setting was warm and friendly, and many questions I had were answered clearly and thoroughly


A must for new parents. Julie provides a very balanced and well researched view on all things birth and parenting.

Midwife Melissa

Julie is a caring, passionate, gentle and knowledgeable Childbirth Educator and Mindful birth Practitioner. I have referred most of my clients to Julie over many years and have always marveled at Julie’s ability to educate, inspire, motivate and soothe expectant parents. She has a fantastic collection of pregnancy, birth and parenting resources which she generously lends out to her clients, in testament to her love of imparting empowering knowledge. Julie is a firm advocate of natural birth but also a balanced and well-reasoned practitioner, and women have always commented to me after completing Julie’s courses how supported and nurtured they felt. I whole-heartedly recommend Julie’s classes!


My husband and I gained so much from spending two days with Julie in the relaxed and homey atmosphere created by her in her classes. Julie has a vast amount of knowledge on the subject and is more than willing to share it all. The time goes relatively quickly as you spend the day in a comfortable lounge area and topics are discussed in various ways (informal chats, some videos and presentations, group work and individual experiences). Julie has a passion for her work and I’d highly recommend her courses.


Julie is a wonderful teacher, both experienced and friendly. She does an excellent job of making you feel comfortable, and then easily and clearly explaining all the material to you. Going in, we felt a little unprepared; afterward, we felt like we could handle anything!

Angie Yang

It was such a pleasant experience learning everything from Julie. Because it was my first pregnancy, I had lots of question marks regarding labour. I didn’t know what to expect. But after the course, my husband and I were truly able to say we were ready, ready to meet our baby.
I highly recommend this course to all first time parents.


It was fantastic. It brought my partner and I closer in this pregnancy and it was a thoroughly rejuvenating and refreshing experience!