Combo: Transition into Parenthood + Calm Mindful Birth

Wise choice to book into both courses for the ideal complete birth and baby preparation during your pregnancy.
Choose any dates from the list to attend between 25 weeks and 35 weeks for best results.
$100 discount automatically applied at the checkout when booking any 2 course combo of TiP and CMB.
$385 + $385 – $100 = $670

$670 / per $385 per couple

$670.00 Inc GST

Do Both the Calm Mindful birth and the Transition into Parenthood courses

Pregnant couples become prepared, ready and organised by attending the most interesting and fun Transition into Parenthood and Mindful birth classes in Sylvania near Cronulla Sydney Australia.

  • Option One: Transition into Parenthood Course for Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Babycare information only $385 per couple (only 2 days: 9am to 4.30pm)
  • Option Two: Mindful birth Course for Breathing, Relaxation, Visualisation for Pregnancy, birth and beyond only $385 per couple  (only 2 days: 9am to 4.30pm)
  • Option Three: the smartest option is booking both TiP and MB courses for only $670 per couple – $100 discount   (only 4 days: 9am to 4.30pm)

Yes it’s best to do both during the pregnancy… Combined booking… smartest option…and it’s the $100 discounted option…

Wise to commence Mindful birth at 25-30 weeks of pregnancy…   Transition into Parenthood at 30-35 weeks of pregnancy

However Julie is totally flexible with bookings and accepts late bookings if she can fit them in, better late than never?

Everyone who attends Julie’s courses receives an awesome gift show bag filled with special treats for you to take home, high quality samples, for you to keep and enjoy.

Imagine having a partner who really is well prepared to support you during your Transition into Parenthood together…. it will matter to you enormously…. it can make a world of difference to your relationship… to bonding with your baby and future as a family.

Julie is gifted with her presentation style, she is able to convey ideas in a way that a pregnant woman and her partner couldn’t possibly gain from reading books, with an inspirational magical unique style all her own.

She is one of the most popular and recommended active birth and baby care teachers due to her genuine respect for her clients, her kind, gentle manner and passion, enthusiasm and infectious positive attitude.

Study Mode:  Weekends or Weekdays – all options available
Location: Sylvania – a pretty suburb only 20 mins south of airport
Cost: only $385 per couple per course or both TiP and MB courses for only $670 per couple – $100 discount applied at the checkout
What to Bring: bottle of water each to sip on throughout the session, dinner, and nibbles – yes you can eat and drink during the session; this is a relaxed, casual, easy going venue


About the Venue

  • Bottomless Beverages:  all types of teas, coffees, chai latte, hot chocolate, herbals, chilled juices and iced water
  • Complimentary Break Snacks: morning tea and snacks are all provided – biscuits, fruit, chips, popcorn
  • Wear: loose, casual, comfortable clothing, we kick off shoes at the door so bring socks also
  • Venue: air-conditioned, relaxed, clean, peaceful, comfortable, smoke-free, friendly with a bathroom close by
  • Shopping: Products available: birthing and baby care books, music relaxation CD’s, approved gel hot packs
  • Parking: free, easy and right out front – conveniently close and safe
  • Lunch: Picnic style in Julie’s lovely tranquil garden – picnic rugs supplied for your comfort
  • Facilities:  microwave, large fridge, urn for boiling water, crockery, cutlery, serviettes

Pregnant Couples will Learn:

Transition into Parenthood covers the labour and birth, breathing, active birth positioning, and includes a special focus on skills and techniques for keeping birth normal and minimising the use of medical intervention when appropriate. Here are some questions Julie will answer in fun interactive sessions:

  • How to respond to the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy?TIP-Workbook1
  • How does the baby grow and change before being born?
  • How can I minimise complications, health risks and discomforts throughout the pregnancy?
  • How can partners prepare for their role during the labour, birth and beyond?
  • How will I know when my labour begins and what to do?
  • What types of self help coping techniques can I use to keep birth normal and avoid unnecessary interventions?
  • What facilities are available and what options should I consider when making choices?
  • How can I prepare siblings for the arrival of a new family member?
  • What do I need to do to care for my newborn baby?
  • What are the most up-to-date ideas for including partners in caring for and bonding with our new baby?
  • How can I nurture myself and my baby during pregnancy?





This Course is Specially Designed For:

  • pregnant couples expecting their first baby who want to feel ready, prepared and organised
  • expectant couples who want a weekly course with a nice steady pace they can take their time to reflect on each week together
  • those who have had a baby before and want to prepare for a more positive experience this time
  • those who had a premmie baby before and missed out on the chance to prepare previously


Pregnant Couple will Learn:

  • Birth Breathing Awareness made easy for women and their partners
  • Relaxation t
    echniques to practiceduring the pregnancy in preparation for labour
  • Visualisation, imagination, mind and body link to utilise during the labour for a quicker and easier labour and birth experience


What to Expect

The New Mindful Birth course, for pregnant couples, facilitated by Julie, provides the guidance and knowledge of birth preparation techniques such as massage skills for partners, deep relaxation, creative visualisation tools, unique breathing techniques for labour, effective acupressure techniques, positive imagery, mind control; attitudes/expectancy to achieve a rewarding easier, more comfortable stress-free birthing experience.

The course is facilitated by Julie Clarke, she is a highly regarded Birth educator, Julie has the knowledge and ability to gently guide expectant couples towards the wonderful positive calm experience for the birth of their beautiful new baby.

Come along and be empowered, you’ll feel connected to your partner in an uplifting positive way during your pregnancy

  • Communicating well with your caregiver
  • How to write a birth plan and who it’s designed for, all the details
  • How Dad can thrive in being an advocate supporting Mum
  • Bonding and working as a team throughout parenting

Life skills to use throughout parenting, building an effective family, functioning and thriving in

the easiest and most positive ways to raise your beautiful babies.

Benefits of doing both.
  • We found both courses beneficial in different ways. The parenting course was excellent in preparing us for parenthood. The information was provided in a relaxed environment making us feel comfortable and even my husband looked forward to going to the class each week.Read More

    Joanna & John

  • As a nurse I was very keen to prepare for a normal birth, not a medicalised birth, we found the first course Transition to Parenthood very helpful and informative re the different stages of labour. I did not know a lot about pre-labour and thought once you started having contractions that you should be getting ready to go to the hospital immediately.Read More

    Rosie and Brad

  • The Mindful Birth classes taught us to stay composed and focused during labour. I was calm and in control the entire labour thanks to the techniques, but it was the pure effort that birthed the baby. We would suggest to would-be parents that they complete both courses to get maximum benefit, as Transition into Parenthood has quite different content.Read More

    Kerry & Michael

Transition into Parenthood + Mindful Birth Course

Julie Clarke

Birth Educator, Doula, and Baby Whisperer

Julie Clarke is an Active Birth Antenatal Class educator, a Mindful Birth® Specialist facilitating classes for 10 years. She is a Doula that has supported over 150 births over 25 years and is also a Doula Trainer, providing unique training.

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