Transition into Parenthood 2018 – 1 Day Super Condensed

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– Start at 30-35 Weeks of Pregnancy
– SESSION FROM 9am to 4:30pm
1 x Sunday Session
– Courses delivered at Julie Studio in Sylvania in Sydney’s South.

This course covers “everything possible to cover” in just one day and is very popular.

This super condensed version of the 6-week course is a very quick and easy convenient course as it only involves attendance for one day.

It is the most time efficient course available anywhere, covering: Pregnancy, Labour and Birth in the morning, and then Baby care and Parenting during the newborn period, the first twelve weeks, covered very thoroughly in the afternoon.

Brilliantly designed for shift workers, very busy couples, particularly those who are very busy and can’t spare much time at a course.

Our focus is on looking after a little newborn baby during the first 12 weeks in a very positive way. The newborn period in the first 12 weeks at home with a new baby, how to wrap, feed, deal with crying, sleep and settling, involving both mothers and fathers equally.

The program is founded on research from neuroscience, midwifery, obstetrics and epigenetics; and uses the extensive understanding of the relaxation response and its influence on birth.

Questions? Contact Julie:
M: 0401 265 530
P: (02) 9544 6441
E: [email protected]

If you are considering doing both courses (Calm Mindful Birth and Transition into Parenthood) then Check out the Combination Course here and save $100 when you book both course.

About the Course

transition into parenthood

Julie Clark Calm Mindful Birth - What's Included in the Course.

what's included in the transition into parenthood course

  • The Transition into Parenting workbook which is 160 pages of Pregnancy, birth, baby care and parenting information.
  • Two textbooks for antenatal course "Preparing for Birth - Mothers" and "Preparing for Birth - Fathers".
  • They also receive 2 goody filled show bags filled with brochures, free samples of quality products and publications
  • Direct access to Julie via mobile, email, text anytime they have questions, problems, require assistance.
  • All attendees have the opportunity to contract Julie as their Birth Doula; Julie not available to non-attendees of the courses.
  • All attendees have the opportunity to contract Julie to assist them with the Baby Care Support Service.
  • All mums have the opportunity to come along to Julie's free "Pram Walking Group at Cronulla" one weekday morning each week.
Transition into Parenthood - workbook - Julie Clarke

Transition into parenthood work book 2

preparing for birth - mother and father books

Transition into Parenthood - workbook - Julie Clarke

Transition into parenthood work book 1

Benefits you will gain from attending the Transition into Parenthood Course: Birth and Baby Preperation
  • Provides good clear information about what, why, where, when and how of labour and birth
  • Enhances your understanding of what self-help measures a woman can do in labour to make it quicker, more comfortable and easier
  • Explains the partners role including support skills: massage, and loads of other ideas that ALL women wish their partner had a handle on prior to going to the hospital
  • This course also provides an explanation of what expectations to have of the staff whether midwives, obstetricians, other doctors and staff
  • How to work with the staff, how to communicate, being a team player and also an great advocate for the pregnant woman
  • Fills you in on the truth of what midwives want you to be aware of during labour in hospital whether delivery suite or birth centre model of care
  • Provides solutions to common problems which may occur during labour and how to side step or overcome the issues with ease
  • Replaces all hospital classes with more extensive content and detail - see table.
  • Covers all the factual details to prepare pregnant women and their partner for the normal course a labour and birth experience normally takes - very different to Hollywood movie scenes
  • How to identify the phases of labour; pre or true labour. How to know if the waters have broken. How to identify the correct time to go to hospital, making the journey more comfortable, settling in and making use of the hospital facilities,
  • What happens step by step after the birth, what is normal for mum and bub and what to expect for the remainder of your hospital stay
  • Coming home; ideas tips tricks on dealing with lots of small or large issues which typically trip people up whether it's their first or subsequent baby
  • The first 12 weeks; the early patch of time with a newborn baby, breastfeeding, sleep, settling, calming, crying, nappies, bathing, what's normal, what's not normal and what to do about it.
  • Identifying issues and situations not covered in typical baby care books, or general courses and not general common sense knowledge. Highlighting enjoyment and making life happier, easier and fulfilling with a young bub - through to five years.
  • Signposting where to get help, current best resources for new parents to turn to, how to minimise or overcome challenges, difficulties to instead shine bright and thrive in new parenting and have a sense of control and routine for wellbeing.
Benefits You and Your Partner Will Gain from attending Both of the Courses with Julie during your mid-late pregnancy
  • Julie ensures each of her courses are wholesome, enriching, supportive, positive, and potentially increases the well-being of each participant
  • Julie shares unique details in each course without doubling up or repeating or cross over of information - don't hesitate to book both, look forward to gaining wisdom
  • You will gain a lot of useful, practical knowledge quickly and easily in a comfortable lounge environment, without any stress, pressure, or embarrassment
  • Couples achieve a strong sense of becoming a more effective team in readiness for working together throughout birth and beyond into raising children as great parents
  • To positively enhance the increased communication and bonding which naturally occurs during pregnancy, for each pregnant couple, to reduce the risk of family breakdown later
  • To assist each mum and dad-to-be to thrive in their respective roles, to increase understanding, respect, togetherness, relationship bond and closeness so vital to begin parenthood
  • These courses tend to automatically reduce anxiety and depression during your pregnancy which may possibly reduce post-partum depression risk as well

1 review for Transition into Parenthood 2018 – 1 Day Super Condensed

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kelly and Kelvin Boateng

    We did both the New Calm Mindful birth and transition into parenthood courses, we were not sure whether it would be worthwhile but friends recommended it so we went for it. There is no way you could cover it all in one or two days and still retain it. It needs 4 whole days for sure.

    And we can definitely say that what we got from these courses helped us to achieve the positive natural birthing experience that we had hoped for. We found doing both courses covered information to help us understand more on what to expect. They covered off what happens during labour, information for the support person, explained all the medical interventions, breastfeeding, baby care and practical info for afterwards. We both felt so much more confident and well-armed to face the unknown! We had a beautiful positive birthing experience which I didn’t think was possible after hearing all my friends ‘horror’ stories, but calm mindful birth changed our perspective on that and we owe a huge thanks to Julie. We have 3 babies under 5 and went back to Julie for refresher classes each time plus used her Baby Care Support heaps cause we just live in the Shire. The pram walking group has been great for me to get out for a nice start to my day – love it.

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