Face 2 Face Birth or Post Natal Doula Training

  • Birth Doula or Post Natal Doula Training Quick Course:  4 Awesome Days

    Birth Doula or Post Natal Doula Training Quick Course: 4 Awesome Days

    $2,250.00 Inc GST

    4 days The Gold Birth or Post Natal Doula course on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday $2,250

    Includes everything in the 3 day course plus an extra evening and day with Julie to include a day of either her Mindful Birth Course OR Transition into Parenthood course, as an observer to watch her facilitate the information rich session for the whole day.

    Learn from listening to her describing labour and birth, the power of the mind a...

    Course Details
Transition into Parenthood + Mindful Birth Course
Julie's Course vs Hospital Based Course Transition into Parenthood Hospital Based Classes
Personalised attention by the educator to each coupleYesNo
Full explanation of all your options available in any scenarioYesNo
Ability to ask questions in an open friendly, supportive atmosphereYesNo
Comfortable cushions, relaxed, chilled, lounge room atmosphereYesNo
Inclusion & effective training of support techniques for partnersYesNo
Balanced, not skewed info on medical interventions & pain medicationsYesNo
Ideal number of group attendees4 – 8 couples10 – 20 couples
New Up-to-date labour preparation informationExtensive coverageonly basic coverage
Smart, Safe and savvy baby care techniquesExtensive coverageonly basic coverage
Modern audio visual equipment and teaching aidsYesNo
Professionally presented illustrated course notes to take homeYesNo
Access to comprehensive free lending library of DVDs and booksYesNot at all
Best Products for pregnancy & early parenting avail for purchaseYesNot at all
Personal Baby Care Support Service avail with Julie, coming to your home, for ease and convenienceYesNot at all
Email & telephone support with Julie, 7 days a weekYesNot at all

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