Transition into Parenthood

The Super condensed 1 day workshop, take-away notes included, is perfect for busy pregnant couples, we cover everything possible: Morning preg, labour, birth. Afternoon: Breastfeeding, baby care practicalities. Brilliant prenatal class for those who left it to the last min and are in a rush; need it all in 1 day includes workbook notes for future reference.  This Antenatal course will remind you of cramming for exams.  You’ll be astounded how much you will have gained in one single day.  This convenient course covers “everything possible to cover” in just one day.  *see boxes below for dates for super condensed *  It is the most time efficient course available anywhere, covering: Pregnancy, Labour and Birth in the morning, and then Baby care and Parenting during the newborn period, the first twelve weeks, covered very thoroughly in the afternoon.  Brilliantly designed for shift workers, very busy couples, particularly those who are very busy and can’t spare much time at a course.  Pregnant couples coming from a distance – Newcastle, Wollongong, Nepean regions, who desire an easy early morning drive.  This course is also terrific for couples who are wanting to refresh their knowledge, having already had a baby, and now needing to prepare for their second, third, fourth or subsequent baby.  Places are limited and Julie normally only runs this one day super condensed course once a month or once every two months, so if it’s what you’re after be sure to book in as quickly as you can to secure your position.    Find all dates listed here – scroll  down

Benefits you will gain from attending the Transition into Parenthood: Birth and Baby Preparation course:

  • Birth: Provides good clear information about what, why, where, when and how of labour and birth. Explains the partners role including support skills: massage, and loads of other ideas that ALL women wish their partner had a handle on prior to going to the hospital. This course also provides an explanation of fair expectations to have of the staff whether midwives, obstetricians, other doctors and staff
  • Birth: How to identify the phases of labour; pre or true labour. How to know if the waters have broken. How to identify the correct time to go to hospital, making the journey more comfortable, settling in and making use of the hospital facilities, What happens step by step after the birth, what is normal for mum and bub and what to expect for the remainder of your hospital stay
  • Baby Care: Coming home; ideas tips tricks on dealing with lots of small or large issues which typically trip people up whether it’s their first or subsequent baby
  • Baby Care The first 12 weeks; the early patch of time with a newborn baby, breastfeeding, sleep, settling, calming, crying, nappies, bathing, what’s normal, what’s not normal and what to do about it.
  • Baby Care Identifying issues and situations not covered in typical baby care books, or general courses and not general common sense knowledge. Highlighting enjoyment and making life happier, easier and fulfilling with a young bub – through to five years.
  • Baby Care Signposting where to get help, current best resources for new parents to turn to, how to minimise or overcome challenges, difficulties to instead shine bright and thrive in new parenting and have a sense of control and routine for wellbeing
  • Julie explains the Super Condensed course here in 1 minute
  • Book via the website or email [email protected] or call/text Julie direct 0401265530       Find all dates listed here – scroll  down 

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Transition into Parenthood Birth/Babycare Weekend Course

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