Babycare for C. Section

Babycare for Planned C. Section

Baby Care focused session especially loved by all pregnant patients who are planning to deliver via Cesarean Section who prefer to be well educated and organised to become ready for all the practicalities of looking after their newborn baby during the early days, weeks and months.

Covering the following phases: newborn “the unsettled period” and 3-6 months “the small baby and 6-12 months “the big baby” and 1 to 2 years “the toddler” and 2 to 5 years “the pre-schooler” .

Breastfeeding, correct positioning and attachment – how to avoid problems such as blocked ducts and mastitis – handling and holding – the involvement and inclusion of the dads – early water awareness – bath time fun – when to intro foods and which foods – encouraging sleep – how to calm and settle – play – growth – learning – development – gross motor skills – common pitfalls when returning to work.

Bonding – growth and development of family relationships –

Excellent course notes are provided:
Contents includes a comprehensive take-away workbook.

Who Attends:
Pregnant couples – who want to attend a class to help them prepare without all the normal birth information.


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