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Beautiful training for Doulas who dream of a great future

I have not long commenced the home study course for my dream to become a successful doula and postpartum doula.
I am absolutely blown away by the content of the course Julie has created and the constant support I have already received from her.
I truly am so grateful that Julie inspired me to take a risk and to believe in myself and to go ahead with this passion of mine. I really feel like I have formed a friendship and trust with her and I am looking forward to getting further into my studies so i can launch my business and receive my certification.
Tess Batchelor (Victoria)


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 Doulas help pregnancy and childbirth be the positive experience it is meant to be!

Ask any mother
“Did you have all your physical and emotional needs met during your pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond?
and there is a very high chance she will say NO!” 
also go ahead and ask her “Would you have loved to have had a woman assisting you during your labour and birth?”
and there is a very strong chance she will reply with “Well my partner was ok and meant well,  BUT yes I wish I’d had more help both during the birth with massage, guidance, acupressure points, suggestions to get in the shower, bath and to move around, also afterwards as well during the first year or so”

Doulas are professionally trained women who provide comfort measures and support before, during, and after delivery.

I’m currently doing my Doula training with Julie & couldn’t recommend her highly enough. I’ve been looking at training for some time, and after speaking with Julie I immediately knew she was the one. The level of support that is given is incredible, & I know will this continue throughout my journey. Everything from enrollment right through to asking what I have thought was silly questions I have continually felt supported & encouraged. The course is easy to understand and informative all rolled into one. Highly recommended!   
Kerri Mac in NSW

Research has shown that doulas help women have positive birth experiences, decrease the need for pain medication, improve breastfeeding success, and reduce the need for cesarean sections and other invasive procedures.

List of the proposed 4 day Doula courses for the remainder of 2019 are:
all include Friday – Saturday – Sunday – Monday – 4 days
Friday 18 October to Monday 21 October 2019
(or) Friday 16 November to Monday 18 November 2019
(or) Friday 29 November to Monday 2 December 2019
(or) Friday 6 December to Monday 9 December 2019
(or) Friday 13 December to Monday 16 December 2019
(or)  Friday 20 December to Monday 23 December 2019
(or) Friday 27 December to Monday 30 December 2019
(or) Friday 3 January to Monday 6 January 2020

Choose from 10 training plan packages

full info scroll to the bottom of this page to download the E-book for full details and price options or talk with Julie 0401265530

THE Birth Doula Course and The Post Natal Doula Course has a condensed format to help interstate attendees and those from remote areas to attend.

**Current Special Offer: For a limited period each Birth Doula Course will include the Post Natal Doula Correspondence Course as a free bonus inclusion**


The Menu of  “Birth and Post Natal”  Doula Courses 10 Packages Available for Your Selection

Pick your favourite course style from the following list.
Fine details on the following pages.

The Doula Courses have several choices suitable for:
– Locals in Sydney – Interstate across Australia – International
**special bonus  inclusion note: for a limited time only the correspondence post-natal doula course worth $977 is a bonus gift automatically included for each confirmed booking**

Plan 1.   Correspondence/Online/Skype course only $500 – Birth & Post Natal courses are now combined

Plan 2.   10 Wks: The Titanium Doula Course 1 day or evening/week only $1750 + Post Natal Doula Home Study Course as a free bonus inclusion** great for locals in Sydney and school mums

Plan 3.   5 Wks: The Titanium Doula Course 2 days or evenings/week $1750 + Post Natal Doula Home Study Course as a free bonus inclusion**

Plan 4.   3 days The Sapphire Doula course only $1000  +  Post Natal Doula Home Study Course as a free bonus inclusion** great for those from interstate

Plan 5.    4 days The Silver Doula course only $1000 +  Post Natal Doula Home Study Course as a free bonus inclusion**

Plan 6.      5 days The Gold Doula course only $1850  +  Post Natal Doula Home Study Course as a free bonus inclusion**

Plan 7.   7 days The Platinum Doula course only $1950  +  Post Natal Doula Home Study Course as a free bonus inclusion**

Plan 8.    9 days The Diamond Doula only $2500 +  Post Natal Doula Home Study Course as a free bonus inclusion**

Plan 9.   14 days The Crystal Doula only $2950 +  Post Natal Doula Home Study Course as a free bonus inclusion**

Plan 10.  The Ultimate 6 or 12 months only $5000 day or evening flexi format for Birth Doula, Post Natal Doula & Childbirth Education training

 Want more details?

**email [email protected] for the free e-book of full course details, dates, current prices**

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REVIEW by Lauren

This course is amazing!!!
I completed my Doula training with Julie in November 2016 and loved every minute.
Unlike other courses I attempted to complete, this was the first one that I looked forward to every week and actually completed!!
My ultimate goal is one day pursue a midwife career but with my education background, it just wasn’t in the foreseeable future right now.
But I was keen to find something along these lines to gain experience and this course is perfect!
A friend of mine tagged me in Julie’s first Doula training add and I jumped straight in and was immediately dazzled by Julie’s explanation of what her curriculum entailed. I booked in and attended the first session and didn’t want to go home.
Julie is such a calm spirit who draws you in with her 30 years of Doula wisdom.She has a way of explaining every detail to which there is no confusion.
Our workbook that Julie put together herself is jam packed full of useful information, tips and trade tricks that helped me immensely during my first birth in February.My first birth was indescribable.
I applied everything 
that I was taught by Julie while with the labouring mother. 
I learnt things in my very first birth that I never knew during my own pregnancies. I cannot wait for my next birth!
You can’t go wrong with this Doula Training !
Lauren Sefo Newly Qualified Doula




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Course curriculum includes but is not limited to these topics.
  • The fine art of all the important comfort measures for labour,
  • the active birth positioning and details for effective pushing positions,
  • what to say to a woman in labour to get her to relax, (hint don’t say just relax!)
  • how to maintain an intact perineum and reduce the risk of vaginal stitches
  • magnificent massage techniques that magically make women release and relax,
  • the amazing details of breath work; good for you and good for the labouring woman,
  • conserving the labouring woman’s energy so she’s not exhausted,
  • how to deal with breech positions; how to turn, what to do, when to do it,
  • acupuncture / acupressure points for overdue and during labour,
  • brilliant easy suggestions for challenging situations,
  • tips on how to observe and listen carefully to a labouring woman to be able to match up your skills with what she needs at the right moment
  • How to help women use their own facilities at home during pre-labour and early labour prior to coming into the hospital,
  • the most beneficial use of hospital facilities and being aware of how hospitals vary in what they offer.
  • Waterbirth, benefits, setting up, what to expect; reasons why the Dept of Health completely endorse Waterbirth as safe and best,
  • Stages of labour, what they are, what to be aware of; talking to experienced midwives,
  • Being part of the team if other friends and family are present.
  • Maintaining harmony and calmness during challenges.
  • Physiology, anatomy, hormones.
  • Enhancing partner’s role, boosting his/her confidence, ensuring he/she is taking care of themselves with sufficient food,
  • Bonding for the new family, the first hours after the birth, the breast crawl and the first breastfeed.
  • Follow up appointments debriefing the birth experience afterwards.
  • Video footage of births; how to, what, when, why, must do grabs of ideal moments, don’t miss this!
  • Photographs; the right angles, the best pics to catch, the romance of black and white pics, the must have shots.
  • Powerpoint – Small group discussions – Hypothetics situations – hilarious giggling moments and lots of chocolate!
  • Delicious lunches.
  • Laughs. Fun. Precious memories and conversations. Memories forever. Beyond imagination inspiration!
  • You will be astounded by how much you gain personally from attending this course with Julie.
Doula Training Sydney


Birth Doulas (also called Childbirth Assistants, Labour Support Professionals, Birth Assistants, or Birth Companions)

Provide emotional, physical and informational support during pregnancy, labour, birth and immediate postpartum.  Are you a kind, caring compassionate person who wants to help other women in their journey to motherhood, it is not necessary to be a nurse or a midwife or any other qualification to train as a doula.

Doula training course is open to all. Bookings are being taken by Julie now and places are limited, once the course is full it will be closed to further bookings, applications for the waiting list will be available.
24 months free mentoring support and guidance is included; Julie continues to help you in your journey.









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