Julie’s Pram walking Group; Mums and Bubs: chat, walk, laugh, cuppa, yummy Breakfast together


Fun Pram walking group, Mums and Bubs

Easy Exercise plus Breaky with Julie 0401 265 530


This mums and bubs group is positive, supportive, non-judgmental

and a safe place for discussing everything, yes everything.

Attending this group will be the highlight of your mid week, making new friends, being listened to,

gathering great new ideas, having a laugh, fresh air, sunshine, happiness.


 You’ll soon notice each week will boost up your favourite hormones; oxytocin and endorphins, increase your wellbeing,

create a wonderful new experience to look forward to each week




Each Wednesday morning at 7.30am we will meet at Cronulla to walk babies in prams

or baby carrier slings, whichever works best for your bubby





We will walk to Wanda fitness park Cronulla

to the exercise equipment and back again

to the kiosk on the beach for a simple or delicious breakfast,

cuppa and awesome baby care ideas


The chat during the walk will focus on any “mum” topic: babies, sleep, stress, pelvic floor, health, sex, recovery,

strength, fitness, nourishment, relationships, challenges, concerns and best easy solutions.

cost is only $20

chat  with  Julie 0401 265 530

Wednesday morning we will gather at 7.15am for a 7.30am start

this special Mums and Bubs session is open to everyone –

Dad’s are also welcome to join in, we may even develop a Dads group – register your interest



We will stop half way for breastfeeds/nappy changes and those who want to can

leave their bub in Julie’s safe capable hands while they walk/run around the track at Wanda

if desired, otherwise using the area for sit ups, planking, stretches, and utilising any of the equipment in the area you desire.

We will return to any of the awesome breakfast spots we choose and then enjoy a breakfast most likely at Next Door or

the kiosk at North Cronulla or other cafe nearby for it’s yummy simple choices and very reasonable prices.

If you only want juice, water or cuppa it’s fine




lonely miserable mum and bub on lounge looking bored

Don’t stay home alone and lonely, come and have fun with Julie’s pram walking group




We can then discuss any sleeping, feeding, settling issues any one wants to bring up

with Julie to get some wonderful gentle stress free solutions and ideas










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