How can one mum experience such vastly different births?

Inspirational Birth Journey from a mum of 2 to help guide others down the right birth preparation path

Here is a unique story of a mum’s journey through her two (very different) births… she compares how and why they varied so much…

this personal reflection story will be a source of help and inspiration to many mums-to-be… warmly, Julie

with Bec’s permission let me share this feedback about my courses…

Hi Julie,
I just want to say a BIG thank you! On the 30th April, I experienced a calm birth. My husband, Karl and I welcomed our little son, Isa into the world. Thanks to the tools and methods that I learnt during your course, we had a beautiful and calm birth. I was photographing on the Sunday when I felt pre-labour at 7pm. I went home, turned the lights down and had a relaxing bath.

Karl joined me at 11pm. I was exhausted from photographing the wedding that day, so we both went to bed. I got up at about 2am and we were at the hospital at 3am (7cm dilated). During the waves, I used the deep breathing techniques.  I also put on the relaxation to listen to.  Since your course, I listened to these relaxations most nights as I was going to bed.  We have a very busy business and a 3 year old, so this was the best time for me to think about the birth, listen to the relaxation meditations and practice doing some breathing.  I had also written down some key sentences/words from the mindful birth course which really resonated with me (approx. 20).  I had these written on cards the size of business cards which I could easily flick through during the waves.  I would stop at one and really focus on the words while breathing.  I ended up choosing about 5 cards and giving them to Karl to say to me over again as the waves became stronger.  I found this extremely helpful.  One of the phrases we used a lot was “pressure not pain”.  Karl played such an important part in the birth and really understood what I was trying to achieve after attending your course with me.

At 5am, we welcomed our boy into the world through a gentle water birth. The entire experience was totally different from my first Stella.  I had Stella at the same hospital, but I had used more physiotherapist based techniques during the labour including a lot of walking/pacing as well as stress balls and vocalisation, straight out of the book “Birth Skills by Juju Sundin”.

I became very tired and I found with such physio based techniques, I also became stressed. This stress triggered  quite a lot of fear.  The reason why I did your course is because I didn’t want another birth like Stella’s where I felt afraid, out of control and exhausted.  I didn’t know any other techniques that I could use to help me have a more beautiful birth experience which did not involve so much fear.   The first thing I did at your course was to acknowledge this deep fear that I had and to remove it.  I found the Mindful Birth book also helped me remove the fear that I had.

Thanks again, I am so very glad we took the time to do the course together,

Bec and Karl

Rebecca & Karl Welsch AIPP Member

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Mindful Birth Courses by Julie Clarke provide birth breathing, relaxation wisdom so beneficial for labour and birth.


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