A Day in the Life of Julie: Birth Educator

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What does your work involve?

Knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, energy and the dedication to share inspirational information with pregnant couples. As an active birth prenatal class educator, in independent private practice for 20 years, a professional birth support person, and calmbirth® instructor. My work involves a wide variety of facets but mostly it is to do with connecting with all the couples who attend my classes and require my guidance, reassurance, encouragement and uplifting motivation as they prepare for their Transition Into Parenthood

Why have you chosen to do this type of work?

Forty three and a half weeks pregnant! The birth of our second son, Ryan...

As a young pregnant woman expecting my first baby I received great help through
the pre-natal classes I attended and wonderful support from my partner to
achieve the birth I wanted to achieve.
I understand the anxiety, challenges and concerns that expectant couples face
and felt highly motivated to undertake the training and provide really effective
and positive education and preparation for them.

Describe a typical day.

Up, showered and washed hair, dressed, breakfast, load of washing, clean up kitchen, drop eldest son to train station with in depth conversation about relationships, hug youngest leaving for high school by about 8.00am, turn my attention to 9am commencement of a 3 hour individual session for a couple expecting twins, lots of questions answered and encouraging information provided by 12 noon lunchtime, salad sandwich and a cup of tea with our golden retriever as my companion, then onto marketing and business bookwork and answering the phone and emails for the afternoon, and preparation of handouts, posters and videos for the evening session. Partner of over 28 years, Geoff, arrives home and all family gather round the table to discuss the day, share dinner, chat and laughs together.

7pm to 9.30pm, facilitate the group for the evening, teaching about labour and breathing, options such as positions, the use of the hospital facilities, self help strategies for the women to use and partners role, including massage. After a “rehearsal” for labour where I guide the women and their partners through likely responses to labour we all relax and the partners are guided through foot massage – the women just totally love it!

One couple stays behind, after everyone else has gone home, (relaxed and with very comfortable feet), concerned because their closest friends have just given birth and told them an horrendous story – they need to tell me their story and receive clear ideas and guidance on how to support their friends and yet minimise the risk of it happening to them. They leave an hour later feeling relieved and refocused on their own unique experience. I have a relaxing hot bath, hot cup of tea listening to the beautiful relaxation cd rainforest magic by about midnight.

What is your advice for a woman about to approach labour?

Have courage and determination – be cared for by midwives – have a birth plan clearly communicated to your partner, extra support person, midwife and any other birth support. Stay in the shower or bath as long as you wish – grin.

Why are you teaching calmbirth®?

It really resonates with me, I was able to use many of the techniques when I had my own babies, my understanding and passion brings the course to life with a genuine positive energy.

I love being able to help people through my work and the feeling it brings for me when couples contact me afterwards and share their story of their journey inspires me. It’s such a great feeling to care about others, help them, know that I have made a difference and helped them on their way to a positive start into family life.

During September 2007, I trained as a calmbirth® training practitioner which is a wonderful Australian course.

Calmbirth® provides positive visualization, relaxation using breathing and consciously relaxing muscles and good guidance for women on how to work with their body during the labour and birth process rather than against it.

Based on the philosophy by a UK obstetrician Dr. Grantly Dick-Read that childbirth pain is caused by fear and tension.

Childbirth Without Fear by Dr Grantley Dick-Read

Childbirth Without Fear by Dr Grantley Dick-Read

He describes the fear tension pain cycle and how women who are prepared properly for labour and birth are quite capable of birthing normally without intervention or drugs. The basic idea being that the more relaxed a woman is during her labour the more comfortable she will be.

The calmbirth® course is designed to explain these concepts, to women and their partners, and to provide a forum to master the skills by drawing on the resources within very effectively. Underpinning all of my work in the Transition Into Parenthood classes is the same philosophy with calmbirth® training and that is encouraging, supporting and guiding family bonding between a couple as they prepare for the birth of their baby.

Focusing on the role of the value of each parent, the importance of mothers and equally the importance of fathers in the life of their unborn and newborn baby – with this in mind by encouraging enjoyment rather than stress and fear during the period of the pregnancy and birth it creates the space for a more conducive atmosphere for good solid family bonding. Relaxation, joy, hope, courage, determination, togetherness creates good strong loving relationships. In a nutshell, that’s what it is all about.

Women love the way they feel so empowered after these courses, they feel uplifted, with more courage and determination in the most positive way.

Ring Julie on her landline (02) 95446441 or personal mobile 0401265530 between 6am and 10pm any day of the week and she will warmly take your call and be happy to chat with you and answer any of your questions.

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