How do you Dress during Pregnancy? Maternity Clothing Choices?

What Maternity Clothing Choices are in fashion right now?
Fun Interview with Alyssa of Immersed in Love Maternity Boutique online

When I was pregnant I found that there were basically zero options apart from boring basics. The cheap stuff didn’t really fit…

Tell us about yourself, your life in brief and why you started your business?

Hey Julie, it’s so lovely to meet you and connect to chat about my new venture of making gorgeous affordable dresses and other clothing for pregnant women so they are happy, comfortable, look awesome and don’t feel the slightest bit drab and frumpy!

So I’m 31, from beautiful booming City of Wollongong, born and bred. It’s true that this area is growing with new families moving from Sydney especially the Eastern suburbs as it is too expensive in Sydney and it’s a more chilled, easy going, family friendly lifestyle here.Being a mum and having a baby has been something I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember.When I was pregnant I found that there were basically zero options apart from boring basics. The cheap stuff didn’t really fit well either.The only other alternatives were super expensive maternity boutiques.Then when I was breast feeding and dealing with the aftermath of birth and all the things that accompany that, including my post baby body and leaking boobs the only clothes accessible to me were singlet tops.I felt plain and boring and trapped in these clothes, it made me feel suspended in this odd after birth period that I couldn’t move on from until my breast feeding journey was over because I couldn’t afford any breast feeding clothes.Plus I’m not a huge fan of breast feeding clothes with the flap! I find it so unflattering!

Who are you favourite customers?

My favourite customers are regular mum’s who have two different shoes on and who pour orange juice on their cereal because they forget what they were doing.

What seems the most popular items coming up for Spring/Summer?

The most popular item for the coming season is the open front breastfeeding dress. The dress is so versatile and can be used for pre pregnancy, during pregnancy, breast feeding and after pregnancy. The design of the dress is such that you wouldn’t even know that it’s a breast feeding dress.

Typical clothing concerns for pregnant women and how you solve it?

There are so many clothing concerns for pregnant women. Number one for me is the clothes that have the breast feeding flap. Personally I don’t like that style. Second is the design of a lot of clothes that are marketed as both pregnancy and breast feeding clothes. The ruching on the sides mean that the clothes don’t fit your post baby body as well as they did your pregnant one.

Do you support a charity or a good cause?

I love supporting charities or even just helping out someone going through a rough time. I’ll use my baking skills as a way of raising funds for charity.

Share with us your typical day. 

a typical for me is starting the day off with some exercise, looking after my baby boy and most days you’ll find me in the kitchen making cup cakes.

What is your one guilty pleasure?

only one!!! I would have to say ice cream! I’m lactose intolerant but it’s my vice!!

What drives you nuts?

people who don’t wave when you give way!

Favourite holiday destination?

snorkelling in any tropical place! makes me feel like I’m in a different world

Favourite time with family? 

laugh together, whether it be over a joke or a shared story.

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