Funny Little Website/Cooking Story…Bit of a Giggle for you LOL

Just a very funny little story I thought I’d share with you…prepare for a giggle ?

I had a very big problem with doing new entries/work on my website yesterday and got myself all upset and stressed out because I couldn’t make head nor tail of what was jolly wrong aahh!

My chest was tight I was on the brink of tears, awfully stressed!

My web site developer answered her phone and gave me a solution… but you see I had given up and gone back upstairs to get on with other chores that had to be done, namely cook up some minced beef for Spaghetti Bolognaise to then pop in the freezer for a quick easy dinner some time… so there I was stirring the meat in the frypan… mmm it smelt good and was going well when the phone rang…

Ah Melissa my wonderful web developer “life-saver” and she asked me “Are you in front of your computer right now?”

Now you have to understand she has 4 littlies – read very busy person – not allowed to waste her time – so quick as a flash I ran downstairs and got in front of my computer!

She talked me through the fix it steps and yes we fixed it – yay – and then I was a very happy camper for the next 2 hours working on my website!

Oh what a relief to be able to get on with all the important things I needed to do…

After a couple of hours I thought surely time for a cuppa… went upstairs to thick putrid black smoke filled house!

Oh oh…

The meat could not even be identified as meat anymore …Oops…I quickly and carefully grabbed the smoking frypan and went outside – yes momentarily over the new white carpet – dear god what was I thinking!

No it was fine… and then safely outside and sat the frypan on the cold driveway… yep probably entertained the neighbours…

“oh look Julie’s attempted some cooking again LOL… quite possibly something ridiculously simple like Spaghetti Bolognese”…

Once it had cooled down sufficiently I hid it in the rubbish bin… except everything under it sagged and melted 2 secs after I placed it in there…

Okay sadly it was my fav frypan… will have to go shopping for a new one soon… I bought some more mince today

Hope your day yesterday was better than mine!!! 

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